External Iliac Venous Aneurysm Treated With Tangential Aneurysmatectomy and Lateral Venorrhaphy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

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Venous aneurysms of the femoro-iliac axis are uncommon abnormalities of the vascular system with a potentially life-threatening course; they can be associated with the disastrous events of thromboembolism or rupture. Therefore, a focused imaging evaluation and prophylactic treatment is essential. The appropriate surgical approach is, however, dictated by the morphological parameters and the extent of the aneurysm. We present an external iliac venous aneurysm in a 31-year-old woman that was revealed incidentally and treated successfully by tangential aneurysmectomy and lateral venorrhaphy. The choice of surgical technique is discussed along with a review of the literature on venous aneurysms.

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