Impact of Preoperative Anemia and Postoperative Hemoglobin Drop on the Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury and In-Hospital Mortality in Patients With Type B Acute Aortic Syndromes Undergoing Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair

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The impact of preoperative anemia and postoperative hemoglobin (Hb) drop on the incidence of acute kidney injury (AKI) after thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) for type B acute aortic syndromes (AAS) as well as their prognostic value is unknown.


This retrospective study included 144 patients with type B AAS undergoing TEVAR at our center. Preoperative anemia was classified as no/mild (Hb ≥ 12.0 g/dL in men; ≥11.3 g/dL in women), moderate (Hb 10.80-11.99 g/dL in men; 10.23-11.29 g/dL in women), and severe (<10.80 g/dL in men; <10.23 g/dL in women). Postoperative Hb drop was classified as mild (<2 g/dL), moderate (2-4 g/dL), and severe (>4 g/dL). End points of the study were postoperative AKI and in-hospital mortality.


Postoperative AKI was higher in the severe and moderate anemia groups than the no/mild anemia group (63.2%, 52.0%, and 31.0%, respectively, P = .01). In-hospital mortality and AKI were higher in patients with severe postoperative Hb drop (40.9% and 86.4%) than patients with moderate (6.9% and 36.2%) and mild (4.7% and 25.0%) postoperative Hb drop (both P < .001). Postoperative Hb drop (odds ratio [OR]:1.67, P = .036), postoperative Hb levels (OR: 0.57, P = .025), and mesenteric ischemia (OR: 4.65, P = .044) were identified as independent predictors of in-hospital mortality. Preoperative Hb (OR: 0.26, P = .001), postoperative Hb drop (OR: 4.34, P < .001), contrast medium (OR: 1.82, P = .004), and diabetes mellitus (OR: 3.79, P = .001) were independent predictors of AKI. At follow-up, anemia and postoperative Hb drop were not associated with increased mortality.


Preoperative Hb and postoperative Hb drop were significant risk factors for AKI. Postoperative Hb drop and Hb levels predicted in-hospital mortality.

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