No Difference in Neck Enlargement for Patients Treated With Double Proximal Self-Expandable Suprarenal Fixation Endografting

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Introduction:Neck enlargement is well described in patients treated with self-expandable endografts for abdominal aortic aneurysms. Double endografting (ie, overlapping of stent grafts) occurs in patients with proximal cuffs or bifurcated to monoiliacal configuration conversions. When the aortic neck of patients receives 2 suprarenal fixation endografts, it may behave differently in terms of radial force and interaction of additional suprarenal stents extending to the visceral aorta.Methods:We performed a retrospective study comparing 2 groups. Group 1 included 18 patients treated with 2 proximal self-expandable endografts. Group 2 included 17 patients treated with 1 self-expandable endograft who were consecutively treated during the period of treatment in group 1. Neck measurements were analyzed in both groups preoperatively and in the last computed tomography scan during follow-up. Suprarenal, interrenal, juxtarenal, and infrarenal (at 5 and 10 mm) diameters, as well as interrenal and infrarenal (5 mm) areas, were measured.Results:There was no significant difference in baseline characteristics, initial neck measurements, and aneurysmal sac evolution including endoleaks between the groups. Both groups showed neck enlargement. Group comparisons of all parameters in posttreatment neck measurements showed no statistical change. Univariate analysis showed oversizing to be significant in interrenal diameter and area and infrarenal at 10 mm diameter; however, 2-way analysis of variance analysis showed that the interaction between oversizing and the number of stent grafts was not significant.Conclusion:Neck enlargement occurs in patients with self-expandable endografts with a tendency to reach the size of the endograft in the long term. Double endografting seems to interact in the same way as simple endografting in the aortic neck. Although the main limitation of our study lies in the small sample size, the presence of an additional “double” stent graft does not appear to result in any differences in aortic neck dilatation when compared to a single stent graft.

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