Use of a Thoracic Endograft in an Acute Abdominal Aortic Setting: Case Report and Literature Review

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Purpose:We report the case of a thoracic endograft used to achieve exclusion of a ruptured proximal paranastomotic abdominal aortic aneurysm (PAAA) as a consequence of aortic ballooning.Case Report:A type I proximal endoleak was evidenced following endovascular repair of a PAAA with an aortic cuff. The leak was treated with ballooning, which caused distal aortic rupture. A thoracic endograft was deployed inside the cuff, achieving complete exclusion. At 1 year, there are no signs of migration or endoleak with complete PAAA thrombosis, according to computed tomographic angiography.Conclusion:In hostile proximal abdominal aortic neck, challenging anatomies, or urgent cases, the structural adaptability of thoracic endografts could provide safe and successful abdominal aortic endovascular exclusion.

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