Unilateral Acute Renal Artery Embolism: An Index Case of Successful Mechanical Aspiration Thrombectomy With Use of Penumbra Indigo Aspiration System and a Review of the Literature

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Acute renal artery embolism (RAE) is a rare condition associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The treatment strategy for RAE includes anticoagulation with or without thrombolysis or surgical or endovascular embolectomy. We describe here a case presentation of acute RAE secondary to atrial fibrillation treated successfully with Penumbra Indigo Aspiration System, a novel device in peripheral endovascular interventions. Our patient had ongoing symptoms and acute renal failure on presentation with contraindication to thrombolysis given hypertensive emergency. A 6F Penumbra Aspiration catheter was used to aspirate large amounts of thrombus from segmental renal arteries with restoration of flow. Patient’s symptoms and renal function returned to baseline after intervention. Penumbra system is used routinely in cerebral endovascular intervention, yet here we describe its potential use in peripheral vascular interventions in addition to a literature review of all available evidence for the different treatment modalities of acute RAE.

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