Performance characteristics of a conformal ultra-wideband multilayer applicator (CUMLA) for hyperthermia in veterinary patients: a pilot evaluation of its use in the adjuvant treatment of non-resectable tumours

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Performance and clinical characteristics of a novel hyperthermia antenna operating at 434 MHz were evaluated for the adjuvant treatment of locally advanced superficial tumours in cats, dogs and horses. Electromagnetic simulations were performed to determine electric field characteristics and compared to simulations for a flat microwave antenna with similar dimensions. Simulation results show a reduced skin surface and backfield irradiation and improved directional irradiation (at broadside) compared to a flat antenna. Radiated power and penetration is notably increased with a penetration depth of 4.59 cm compared to 2.74 cm for the flat antenna. Clinical use of the antenna was then evaluated in six animals with locoregionally advanced solid tumours receiving adjuvant chemotherapy. During clinical applications, therapeutic temperatures were achieved at depths ≥4 cm. Objective responses were seen in all patients; tissue toxicity in one case limited further therapy. This antenna provides compact, efficient, focused and deep-penetrating clinical hyperthermia for the treatment of solid tumours in veterinary patients.

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