Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy alone or in combination with surgery for treatment of canine intracranial meningiomas

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Treatment protocols, treatment planning methods and tumour types in studies evaluating radiotherapy for canine brain tumours have been varied. This case series retrospectively evaluated the outcome of definitive, three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT) as either a sole modality or as an adjuvant to surgery in 31 dogs diagnosed with meningioma by histopathology (n = 10) or cross-sectional imaging of the head (n = 21, assessed independently by two board certified radiologists). Prescribed dose ranged from 45 to 54 Gy in 2.5 to 3 Gy fractions. Median overall survival was 577 days (interquartile range = 272–829 days; range = 30–1942 days) when all deaths were considered and 906 days (interquartile range = 336–912 days; range = 101–1942 days) when only dogs dying due to meningioma were considered. No significant difference in survival time was detected for the defined clinical or imaging findings or between treatment with radiotherapy alone versus adjuvant radiotherapy, suggesting that 3D-CRT may be a viable alternative to surgery.

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