Polymorphism of P53-Ets/AP1 transactivation region of MDM2 oncogene and its immunohistochemical analysis in canine tumours

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Mouse Double Minute-2 (MDM2) is an ubiquitin ligase which is overexpressed or its promoter polymorphism has been reported in different tumours. The objective of this study was to examine the MDM2 protein expression and its promoter polymorphism in some canine tumours. Twenty specimens were collected from 20 dogs with 15 mammary gland carcinomas, 3 lymphomas, 1 transmissible venereal tumour and 1 trichoblastoma. Samples were analysed immunohistochemically using human antibody against MDM2 protein. PCR and DNA sequencing were carried out to identify MDM2 promoter polymorphism. MDM2 gene was expressed in 13 of 20 samples including 11 mammary carcinomas, 1 lymphoma and 1 trichoblastoma. We found 94% homology between canine and human sequences. Four mutations including G169C, A177G, G291T and A177G were identified in different types of breast carcinomas. An extra p53 response element was found in a mixed mammary carcinoma.

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