Basset Hound thrombopathia in a 4-month-old female Ba-Shar (Sharp Asset)

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A 3-month-old female Basset Hound-Shar Pei mix puppy (Ba-Shar or Sharp Asset) presented with oral bleeding due to a cracked molar. On physical exam, an aural hematoma was also noted that the owner indicated was chronic. The puppy was hospitalized for over 24 h until the bleeding was brought under control. At 4 months of age, the puppy again presented with oral bleeding due to loss of deciduous teeth and was hospitalized until bleeding was controlled. Coagulation screening tests, platelet numbers, and von Willebrand Factor antigen levels were within reference limits. Based on the presence of platelet-type bleeding in the face of normal screening test results, samples were submitted for DNA testing for Basset Hound thrombopathia. The puppy tested as affected for the calcium and diacylglycerol regulated guanine nucleotide exchange factor I (CalDAG-GEFI) mutation causing this disorder. This is the first time thrombopathia has been diagnosed in a “designer” breed.

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