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Evaluation of tissue hemoglobin saturation (StO2) via near-infrared spectroscopy during hypoxemia and hyperoxemia in Beagles
Usefulness of a multidimensional composite pain scale that had previously undergone focused validation following fentanyl or hydromorphone-meloxicam in clinical feline patients undergoing ovariohysterectomy
Evaluation of the perioperative analgesic efficacy of intramuscular preoperative injection of buprenorphine, compared with butorphanol, in cats
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Comparison of cardiorespiratory variables in parenterally-anesthetized dorsally-recumbent horses spontaneously breathing 50% or maximal oxygen concentrations
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Locomotor effects of fentanyl in horses carrying the G57C opioid receptor polymorphism
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Evaluation of the accuracy of a lateral paravertebral ultrasound-guided injection technique at the level of the 7th lumbar nerve root for the cranial aspect of the lumbar plexus block: a cadaveric study
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