Perioperative physiology and pharmacology in the obese small animal patient
Cardiovascular function during maintenance of anaesthesia with isoflurane or alfaxalone infusion in greyhounds experiencing blood loss
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Population pharmacokinetics of methadone hydrochloride after a single intramuscular administration in adult Japanese sika deer ( Cervus nippon nippon )
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Comparison of intranasal and intramuscular ketamine-midazolam combination in cats
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Chemical restraint of African mole-rats ( Fukomys sp.) with a combination of ketamine and xylazine
A preliminary trial of the sedation induced by intranasal administration of midazolam alone or in combination with dexmedetomidine and reversal by atipamezole for a short-term immobilization in pigeons
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Comparative analgesic and sedative effects of tramadol, tramadol-lidocaine and lidocaine for caudal epidural analgesia in donkeys ( Equus asinus )
Anti-nociceptive and sedative effects of romifidine, tramadol and their combination administered intravenously slowly in ponies
Steep drop in hematocrit of sheep undergoing sedation with acepromazine-diazepam and epidural injections of ketamine, ketamine-morphine or ketamine-xylazine
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