Table of Contents
Surveys and objectifying the subjective
Preliminary study on attitudes, opinions and knowledge of Italian veterinarians with regard to abdominal visceral pain in dogs
Effects of intravenous and topical laryngeal lidocaine on heart rate, mean arterial pressure and cough response to endotracheal intubation in dogs
Intravenous infusion of amino acids in dogs attenuates hypothermia during anaesthesia and stimulates insulin secretion
Comparison of cardiac output measurements using transpulmonary thermodilution and conventional thermodilution techniques in anaesthetized dogs with fluid overload
Effect of dexmedetomidine constant rate infusion on the bispectral index during alfaxalone anaesthesia in dogs
Effect of intravenous lidocaine on cough response to endotracheal intubation in propofol‐anaesthetized dogs
The cardiovascular status of isoflurane‐anaesthetized horses with and without dexmedetomidine constant rate infusion evaluated at equivalent depths of anaesthesia
Evaluation of the influence of atipamezole on the postoperative analgesic effect of buprenorphine in cats undergoing a surgical ovariohysterectomy
Tachycardia in response to remote capsaicin injection as a model for nociception in the ball python (Python regius)
Comparison of bupivacaine and dexmedetomidine femoral and sciatic nerve blocks with bupivacaine and buprenorphine epidural injection for stifle arthroplasty in dogs
Description and evaluation of four ultrasound‐guided approaches to aid spinal canal puncture in dogs
A description of a technique for ultrasound‐guided lumbar plexus catheter in dogs
Suspected laryngeal granuloma secondary to chronic endotracheal intubation in a dog
Intranasal administration of midazolam in blue‐and‐yellow macaws (Ara araruana)
Rupture of the urinary bladder in a piglet during manual expression
Abstracts presented at the Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists Meeting, 20–22nd April, 2016, Lyon, France