Regional distribution of ventilation in horses in dorsal recumbency during spontaneous and mechanical ventilation assessed by electrical impedance tomography: a case series
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of intravenous romifidine and propranolol administered alone or in combination for equine sedation
Evaluation of a new handheld point-of-care blood gas analyser using 100 equine blood samples
Gastro-oesophageal reflux in large-sized, deep-chested versus small-sized, barrel-chested dogs undergoing spinal surgery in sternal recumbency
Cardiovascular effects of dexmedetomidine, with or without MK-467, following intravenous administration in cats
Ultrasound-guided vessel catheterization in adult Yorkshire cross-bred pigs
Clinical evaluation of intranasal medetomidine–ketamine and medetomidine–S(+)-ketamine for induction of anaesthesia in rabbits in two centres with two different administration techniques
Professor Emeritus E. Wynn Jones MRCVS, FRCVS, PhD
Effects of dexmedetomidine combined with ropivacaine on sciatic and femoral nerve blockade in dogs
Behavioral and cardiopulmonary effects of dexmedetomidine–midazolam and dexmedetomidine–midazolam–butorphanol in the silver fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Symbols in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia: a Tower of Babel?
Anaesthesia in a Eurasian lynx with an intranasal zolazepam–tiletamine combination
A case of airway obstruction caused by probable nasotracheal tube cuff herniation in a horse
Propofol–medetomidine–ketamine total intravenous anaesthesia in thiafentanil–medetomidine-immobilized impala (Aepyceros melampus)
Letter to the Editor
Comparison of medetomidine–morphine and medetomidine–methadone for sedation, isoflurane requirement and postoperative analgesia in dogs undergoing laparoscopy
Speed of reversal of vecuronium neuromuscular block with different doses of neostigmine in anesthetized dogs
Controlled mechanical ventilation with constant positive end-expiratory pressure and alveolar recruitment manoeuvres during anaesthesia in laterally or dorsally recumbent horses
The effect of MK-467, a peripheral α2-adrenoceptor antagonist, on dexmedetomidine-induced sedation and bradycardia after intravenous administration in conscious cats
Ultrasound-guided subcostal oblique transversus abdominis plane block in canine cadavers
Anesthesia and anesthetic action mechanism of essential oils of Aloysia triphylla and Cymbopogon flexuosus in silver catfish ( Rhamdia quelen )
Plasma bupivacaine concentrations following orbital injections in cats
A transorbital approach to the maxillary nerve block in dogs: a cadaver study
Volumetric capnography to diagnose venous air embolism in an anaesthetised horse
Effect of topical vapocoolant spray on perioperative pain response of unweaned calves to ear tagging and ear notching
Nerve stimulation-guided thoracolumbar paravertebral block for flank laparotomy in a horse
Electrical velocimetry for noninvasive cardiac output and stroke volume variation measurements in dogs undergoing cardiovascular surgery
Effects of intravenous terbutaline on heart rate, arterial pressure and blood gases in anesthetized horses breathing air
Use of a perfusion index to confirm the presence of sciatic nerve blockade in dogs
Comparison of the effects of an intravenous lidocaine infusion combined with 1% isoflurane versus 2% isoflurane alone on selected cardiovascular variables and recovery characteristics during equine general anaesthesia
A pilot study of the effects of acupuncture treatment on objective and subjective gait parameters in horses
Effect of morphine, methadone, hydromorphone or oxymorphone on the thermal threshold, following intravenous or buccal administration to cats
Ampakine CX1942 attenuates opioid-induced respiratory depression and corrects the hypoxaemic effects of etorphine in immobilized goats (Capra hircus)
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) decreases pulmonary shunt in anaesthetized horses
Analgesic efficacy of an oral transmucosal spray formulation of meloxicam alone or in combination with tramadol in cats with naturally occurring osteoarthritis
Comparison of lidocaine, levobupivacaine or ropivacaine for distal paravertebral thoracolumbar anesthesia in ewes
The effects of acupuncture point Pericardium 6 on hydromorphone-induced nausea and vomiting in healthy dogs
Nalbuphine and butorphanol reverse opioid-induced respiratory depression but increase arousal in etorphine-immobilized goats (Capra hircus)
Prevention of laryngospasm with rocuronium in cats: a dose-finding study
Single-syringe ketamine–propofol for induction of anaesthesia in rabbits
Intraperitoneal bupivacaine with or without incisional bupivacaine for postoperative analgesia in dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy
Does inflammation induced by ultraviolet B and heat rekindling alter pain-related behaviour in rats?
Effects of orally administered enalapril on blood pressure and hemodynamic response to vasopressors during isoflurane anesthesia in healthy dogs
Behavioral and cardiopulmonary effects of dexmedetomidine alone and in combination with butorphanol, methadone, morphine or tramadol in conscious sheep
Cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic responses to apnea induced by atlanto-occipital intrathecal lidocaine injection in anesthetized horses
Clinical effects of midazolam or lidocaine co-induction with a propofol target-controlled infusion (TCI) in dogs
Two methods to adapt the human haemoglobin–oxygen dissociation algorithm to the blood of white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) and to determine the accuracy of pulse oximetry
Adverse reactions following administration of contrast media for diagnostic imaging in anaesthetized dogs and cats: a retrospective study
Isoflurane MAC determination in dogs using three intensities of constant-current electrical stimulation
Determination of the minimum infusion rate of propofol required to prevent purposeful movement of the extremities in response to a standardized noxious stimulus in goats
Respiratory system compliance and resistance in canine anesthesia practice: do we have a reference?
Reply to the letter to the editor regarding Bradbrook et al. (2013)