Data-driven welfare issues and abstracts for the 2009 IVBM
Research note: Installation of videorecording equipment had minimal effect on behavioral measurements in 14 kenneled military dogs
Characterization of equine vocalization
Anti-insect defensive behaviors in equines post-West Nile virus infection
Correlates of a successful human: Dog bond
Comparison of factors limiting acquisition versus retention of companion dogs
Owner behavior and its relationships with characteristics of the owner and the dog
Preventing separation problems in re-homed dogs: Improving owner compliance
The effects of handling foals at “optimal periods” for behavior and training
Analysis of the cooperation between veterinary behaviorists and dog trainers in resolving canine behavioral problems
An epidemiology study on travel anxiety and motion sickness
The American Shelter Dog: Identification of dogs by personality
Horse personality profiles and performance
Shelter dog behavioral assessments: Behavioral coding and personality
Evaluation of a training program for police interview assistance dogs
Are domestic dogs able to calm conspecifics by using visual communication?
An experimental case study of two aggressive dogs: The effectiveness of a behavioral modification program using systematic desensitization and counter-conditioning
The role of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in canine aggression towards humans
Comparative efficacy of litter odor control additives
Study into the effects of attendance at formal training on the presentation of aggression-related behavior problems in dogs in a referred population
Owner reported coping styles and occurence of undesirable behaviors in domestic cats
Longitudinal magnetic resonance spectroscopy changes in beagle dogs
Validation of a cognitive test battery for cats
Anxitane reduces fear of humans in a laboratory study in dogs
Pilot study to investigate whether a feline pheromone analogue reduces anxiety-related behavior during clinical examination of cats in a rescue shelter
Predicting separation problems in dogs: Development of a practical test for rehoming centers
Effectiveness of L-theanine and behavioral therapy in the treatment of noise phobias in dogs
Evaluation of sheltered dangerous dogs
The fate of cats adopted from rescue shelters in Canada
Chemical communication in birds: Recent findings
The relinquishment of rabbits to rescue shelters in Canada
The effect of feline interdigital semiochemicals with primers in relation to scratching marking
The maternal cat appeasing pheromone: Exploratory study of the effects on aggressive and affiliative interactions in cats
Adherence to advice of horse behavior counselors
Effect of training on behavioral reactivity and neurotransmitter levels in drug detection dogs
The effects of Novifit on cognitive function in aged beagle dogs
Behavioral, legal, medical and welfare implications of the DDA in UK – a case history
Influence of age in understanding human gestures in pet dogs
Floor area and the behavior of pet rabbits ( Oryctolagus cuniculus )
The human-animal bond: The role of anthropomorphism in diversity and variation
An investigation into potential overshadowing of verbal commands during training
Preliminary study on the effects of a simple form of food enrichment on horses' reactivity
Foreign body ingestion in dogs and cats: Preliminary studies
Comparison of stress and learning effects of three different training methods: Electric training collar, pinch collar, and quitting signal
Feline behavioral problems: An epidemiological study in a cat population
Qualitative analysis of dog behavior modification training sessions
Results on the use of dog appeasement phreromone (DAP) collars in a selection of australian dogs with anxiety disorders
Differences in serotonin levels between aggressive english cocker spaniels and aggressive dogs of other breeds
International cooperation in applied ethology courses
Relationship between dog owner behavior and dog attachment security in the strange situation
Equine-assisted intervention programs in veneto (Italy)
Feeding routine risk factors associated with pre-feeding behavior problems in UK leisure horses
Fear, avoidance and safety signals as rewards
Reliability of salivary cortisol measures in dogs in training context
A conceptual study about ‘animal-assisted interventions’ in Antwerp (Belgium)
Is it wise to involve animals in prisons and rehabilitation programs? A study conducted in Flanders (Belgium)
The effect of Nepeta cataria on kittens' behavior
The pedigree dog – aesthetics versus ethics and law
Retrospective study of dogs from a behavioral referral practice showing aggression toward unfamiliar people either in the home or on walks (N = 40)
Equipment and training risk factors associated with ridden behavior problems in UK leisure horses
Can behavioral problems lead to neurological abnormalities? A case report
Dog owners' opinions on dog breed aggression
Assessing horse performance: A comparison between trainers' and judges' behavior evaluations
Evaluation of behavioral characteristics of dogs with owner directed aggression through the C-BARQ
Assessing canine temperament related to aggression
A comparison between a direct and an indirect method for assessing aggressiveness in dogs
Epidemiological study of behavioral disorders in elderly dogs
Pre-school children's attitudes to dogs in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom
Training engagement and the development of behavior problems in the dog: A longitudinal study
Management routine risk factors associated with handling and stabled-related behavior problems in UK leisure horses
Temperament assessment on guide dogs using questionnaire survey and behavior tests
Can standardized behavior tests predict suitability for use in horses?
Horse personality profiles and performance
Salivary and fecal cortisol as measures of stress in horses
Attention seeking behavior in dogs – what owners love and loathe!
Effect of kennel door design on vocalization in dogs
Review: Relevance of stimuli used in canine behavioral testing with regard to proximal causality of dog bites
Assessing potential thermal stress in pigs during transport in hot weather - continuous physiological monitoring
A comparison of puppies and adult dog in a problem solving task
Domestic dogs display calming signals more frequently towards unfamiliar rather than familiar dogs
The effects of exogenous corticosteroids on dog behavior: A preliminary study
Phenotypic determination of noise reactivity in 3 breeds of working dogs: Implications for identifying genomic regions of interest
Video infared thermography technique in dogs
Repeated assessments and other measures of canine behavior: A cautionary tale