The mismeasure of behavior: Identifying tests meaningful to the species studied
Behavioral evaluations of shelter dogs: Literature review, perspectives, and follow-up within the European member states's legislation with emphasis on the Belgian situation
Influence of changes in luminous emittance before bedtime on sleep in companion dogs
Hot dogs: Thermography in the assessment of stress in dogs ( Canis familiaris )—A pilot study
The role of environmental and owner-provided consequences in canine stereotypy and compulsive behavior
Assessment of the C-BARQ for evaluating dog behavior in Iran
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Browse-related behaviors of pastured horses in Australia: A survey
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Maternal experience in Romanov sheep impairs mother-lamb recognition during the first 24 hours postpartum
Semiextensively reared lactating ewes: Effect of season and space allowance reduction on behavioral, productive, and hematologic parameters
Reducing early maternal licking of male lambs ( Ovis aries ) does not impair their sexual behavior in adulthood
A preliminary study on the long-term interest of horses in ropes and Jolly Balls
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