Canine Behaviour and Genetics: Special issue on the London, 2015 meetings
Announcing the Journal of Veterinary Behavior Early Career Scientist Award!
Announcing the 2016 Journal of Veterinary Behavior Early Career Scientist Award Winners!
The First Canine Behavior and Genetics Conference: Summary and recommendations for future directions in canine behavioral science
Social rearing environment influences dog behavioral development
Evaluating candidate genes oprm1 , drd2 , avpr1a , and oxtr in golden retrievers with separation-related behaviors
Separation anxiety in dogs: What progress has been made in our understanding of the most common behavioral problems in dogs?
Prevalence, comorbidity, and behavioral variation in canine anxiety
Nature and nurture—How different conditions affect the behavior of dogs
Minimizing fear and anxiety in working dogs: A review
Is noise reactivity reflected in auditory response variables, including those that measure cognition, in dogs? Initial findings
Improving the efficacy of selection on complex traits—A brief review of quantitative genetic methods and considerations for measurement of phenotypes
Use of questionnaire-based data to assess dog personality
The genetics of canine olfaction
Nuclear medicine for the investigation of canine behavioral disorders
Regional brain activations in awake unrestrained dogs
Phenotypic determination of noise reactivity in 3 breeds of working dogs: A cautionary tale of age, breed, behavioral assessment, and genetics