Laboratory Medicine
Cerebrospinal fluid analysis—new life for an old test?
Receiver-operating characteristic curves and likelihood ratios: improvements over traditional methods for the evaluation and application of veterinary clinical pathology tests
Stability of selected hematology variables in canine blood kept at room temperature in EDTA for 24 and 48 hours
Correlation between fine-needle aspiration cytology and histopathology in the evaluation of cutaneous and subcutaneous masses from dogs and cats
Comparison of Multistix PRO dipsticks with other biochemical assays for determining urine protein (UP), urine creatinine (UC), and UP: UC ratio in dogs and cats
Use of Oil Red O stain in the cytologic diagnosis of canine liposarcoma
Artifactual changes in canine blood following storage, detected using the ADVIA 120 hematology analyzer
Flow cytometric patterns in blood from dogs with non-neoplastic and neoplastic hematologic diseases using double labeling for CD18 and CD45
Identification of acute myeloid leukemia in dogs using flow cytometry with myeloperoxidase, MAC387, and a canine neutrophil-specific antibody
Effects of time, initial composition, and stabilizing agents on the results of canine cerebrospinal fluid analysis
Platelet aggregation studies in acute experimental canine ehrlichiosis
Reference intervals for hematologic and biochemical constituents and protein electrophoretic fractions in captive common buzzards ( Buteo buteo )
Computerized morphometry of mean nuclear diameter and nuclear roundness in canine mammary gland tumors on cytologic smears
Use of amnion and placenta in neonatal screening for canine GM1-gangliosidosis and the risk of diagnostic misclassifications
Undifferentiated tumor in the ovary of a corn snake ( Elaphe guttata guttata )
Cutaneous melanophoroma in a green iguana ( Iguana iguana )
Cutaneous transmissible venereal tumor without genital involvement in a prepubertal female dog
More than meets the eye: subretinal aspirate from an acutely blind dog
Nasal and oral masses in a dog
Cerebrospinal fluid from a 7-month-old dog with seizure-like episodes
Cerebrospinal fluid from a 6-year-old dog with severe neck pain
Cerebrospinal fluid from a 10-year-old dog with a single seizure episode