Veterinary Clinical Pathology : history and legacy
What is your diagnosis? Pythium insidiosum or Lagenidium sp.?
The authors respond
Instrument comparison queries
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If you have the gall …
Guidelines for resident training in veterinary clinical pathology. III: cytopathology and surgical pathology
Reference values: a review
Evaluation of platelet function in dogs with cardiac disease using the PFA-100 platelet function analyzer
Evaluation of platelet function screening tests to detect platelet procoagulant deficiency in dogs with Scott syndrome
Thrombocyte morphology and morphometric observations in two vulture species
Unusual “erythroid loops” in canine blood smears after viper-bite envenomation
Capillary electrophoresis for the detection of bilirubin in rat serum
Comparison of the VIDAS and IMMULITE-2000 methods for cortisol measurement in canine serum
Diagnostic utility and cost-effectiveness of reflex bacterial culture for the detection of urinary tract infection in dogs with low urine specific gravity
What is your diagnosis? Perifemoral mass in a cow
Evaluation of serum haptoglobin and C-reactive protein in dogs with mammary tumors
Estimation of intestinal permeability in healthy dogs using the contrast medium iohexol
Effect of fasting duration on clinical pathology results in Wistar rats
What is your diagnosis? Peritoneal effusion from a dog
Hematologic, serum biochemical, and cortisol changes associated with anticipation of exercise and short duration high-intensity exercise in sled dogs
Breed-associated variability in serum biochemical analytes in four large-breed dogs
Bronchoalveolar lavage cytology from captive badgers
Comparison between manual and automated total nucleated cell counts using the ADVIA 120 for pleural and peritoneal fluid samples from dogs, cats, horses, and alpacas
Cytologic interpretation of canine cerebrospinal fluid samples with low total nucleated cell concentration, with and without blood contamination
Leukocyte counts in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid obtained from normal and Maedi–Visna-infected sheep
What is your diagnosis? Subcutaneous mass fluid from a febrile dog
Diagnosis of Ehrlichia ewingii infection by PCR in a puppy from Ohio
What is your diagnosis? Marked hyperchloremia in a dog