Reference intervals for Greyhounds and Lurchers using the Sysmex XT-2000iV hematology analyzer

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BackgroundThe need for breed-specific reference intervals (RIs) for Greyhounds has been identified. As Lurchers are a sighthound cross-breed, specific RIs may also be needed for these dogs. Hematologic RIs for Greyhounds and Lurchers using the Sysmex XT-2000iV hematology analyzer have not been established.ObjectivesThe aims of this study were to establish RIs for Greyhounds using the Sysmex XT-2000iV, to investigate whether RIs for Greyhound and nonsighthound dogs could be transferred to Lurchers, and to establish new RIs for Lurchers if transference was not possible.MethodsData were retrieved retrospectively from a database of blood donor dogs. Greyhound RIs were established using nonparametric methods based on a reference population of 179 dogs. For the RI transference study, 38 Lurchers were selected, following guidelines proposed by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. When transference was not appropriate, new RIs were generated using the robust method.ResultsGreyhound RIs for the Sysmex hematology analyzer reflected known differences in this breed with a tendency toward higher RBC mass and lower WBC and platelet counts. RIs for hemoglobin concentration, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, and WBC, neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, and platelet counts for Greyhounds were suitable for transference to Lurchers. For RBC and eosinophil counts, new RIs were established.ConclusionOur study suggests that Lurchers share many hematologic characteristics with Greyhounds, but had higher reference limits for RBC and eosinophil counts.

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