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Alterations due to dilution and anticoagulant effects in hematologic analysis of rodent blood samples on the Sysmex XT-2000iV
Sysmex XT-2000iV scattergram analysis in a cat with basophilia
Basset Hound thrombopathia in a 4-month-old female Ba-Shar (Sharp Asset)
Impact of menstruation on select hematology and clinical chemistry variables in cynomolgus macaques
Xenotransfusion of anemic cats with blood compatibility issues: pre- and posttransfusion laboratory diagnostic and crossmatching studies
Listeria monocytogenes septicemia in an immunocompromised dog
Erythrocyte osmotic fragility and select hematologic variables in postparturient mares and their foals
Flow cytometric characterization of peripheral blood leukocyte populations of 3 neotropical snake species: Boa constrictor, Bothrops jararaca , and Crotalus durissus
Quantitative and qualitative leukocyte abnormalities in dogs with experimental and naturally occurring acute canine monocytic ehrlichiosis
Hematologic reference intervals for Xenopus tropicalis with partial use of automatic counting methods and reliability of long-term stored samples
Commutability and interchangeability of commercial quality control materials with feline plasma for common biochemical analytes
Analytic validation of commercially available immunoassays for the measurement of serum cobalamin and folate concentrations in pigs
Long-term follow-up of renal function assessing serum cystatin C in dogs with diabetes mellitus or hyperadrenocorticism
Determination of liver and muscle aflatoxin B1 residues and select serum chemistry variables during chronic aflatoxicosis in broiler chickens
Validation of a novel saliva-based ELISA test for diagnosing tapeworm burden in horses
Reference intervals for biochemical analytes of captive Black-Fronted Piping-Guan ( Aburria jacutinga )
Septic peritonitis in a dog caused by Anaerobiospirillum succiniproducens
B-cell lymphoma with Mott cell differentiation in a cat
Cytologic features of hepatic fibrosis in dogs: a retrospective study on 22 cases
Nannizziopsis guarroi infection in 2 Inland Bearded Dragons ( Pogona vitticeps ): clinical, cytologic, histologic, and ultrastructural aspects
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