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Canine and feline lymphoma
Patient characteristics, histopathological findings and outcome in 97 cats with extranodal subcutaneous lymphoma (2007–2011)
Treatment of feline lymphoma using a 12‐week, maintenance‐free combination chemotherapy protocol in 26 cats
Criteria for designation of clinical substage in canine lymphoma
The use of flow cytometry for immunophenotyping lymphoproliferative disorders in cats
Immunophenotypic characterization of canine malignant lymphoma
The effects of oncolytic reovirus in canine lymphoma cell lines
Inter‐ and intra‐rater reliability of calliper‐based lymph node measurement in dogs with peripheral nodal lymphomas
Splenic and hepatic ultrasound and cytology in canine lymphoma
Investigation of the cytotoxic effect of flavopiridol in canine lymphoma cell lines
Liquid‐based cytology and cell block immunocytochemistry in veterinary medicine
Canine small clear cell/T‐zone lymphoma
Masitinib monotherapy in canine epitheliotropic lymphoma
Treatment of feline intermediate‐ to high‐grade lymphoma with a modified university of Wisconsin–Madison protocol
Retrospective analysis for treatment of naïve canine multicentric lymphoma with a 15‐week, maintenance‐free CHOP protocol