Cover Image, Volume 15, Issue 1
Plasma matrix metalloproteinase‐9 activity in cats with lymphoma
Utility of a multiple serum biomarker test to monitor remission status and relapse in dogs with lymphoma undergoing treatment with chemotherapy
PCNA and grade in 13 canine oral squamous cell carcinomas
Comparison of doxorubicin–cyclophosphamide with doxorubicin–dacarbazine for the adjuvant treatment of canine hemangiosarcoma
Recurrence rates and clinical outcome for dogs with grade II mast cell tumours with a low AgNOR count and Ki67 index treated with surgery alone
Outcome following treatment of soft tissue and visceral extraskeletal osteosarcoma in 33 dogs
Assessment of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) and tissue velocity imaging (TVI) in 14 dogs with malignant lymphoma undergoing chemotherapy treatment with doxorubicin
Clinical outcome, PDGFRβ and KIT expression in feline histiocytic disorders
Tumourigenic canine osteosarcoma cell lines associated with frizzled‐6 up‐regulation and enhanced side population cell frequency
Safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetic properties of the novel triazene TriN 2755 in tumour bearing dogs – a phase I study†
Patient characteristics influencing the variability of distributed parameter‐based models in DCE‐CT kinetic analysis
Tolerability and pharmacokinetic profile of a novel benzene‐poly‐carboxylic acids complex with cis‐diammineplatinum (II) dichloride in dogs with malignant mammary tumours
Molecular signalling pathways in canine gliomas
Evaluation of the risks of chemotherapy in dogs with thrombocytopenia
Treatment time, ease of use and cost associated with use of Equashield™, PhaSeal®, or no closed system transfer device for administration of cancer chemotherapy to a dog model†
Hedgehog signaling is activated in canine transitional cell carcinoma and contributes to cell proliferation and survival
Combretastatin A4‐phosphate and its potential in veterinary oncology
Detection of monoclonality in intestinal lymphoma with polymerase chain reaction for antigen receptor gene rearrangement analysis to differentiate from enteritis in dogs
Bilateral removal of the mandibular and medial retropharyngeal lymph nodes through a single ventral midline incision for staging of head and neck cancers in dogs
Nucleated erythrocytes in blood smears of dogs undergoing chemotherapy
Pharmacokinetics and toxicity of the novel oral demethylating agent zebularine in laboratory and tumor bearing dogs
Misadministration of radiation therapy in veterinary medicine
Post‐radiotherapy hypothyroidism in dogs treated for thyroid carcinomas
Canine brain tumours