Welcome to the Eighth World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology and to the historical city of Bordeaux!
The many shades of red
From the genetic laboratory to the clinic floor
Epidermolysis bullosa simplex in sibling Eurasier dogs is caused by PLEC nonsense mutation
The skin immune system - current knowledge and its role in allergy
The future of immunotherapy for canine atopic dermatitis
Serological cross reactivity between beef, lamb and cows’ milk allergen extracts in dogs
Triggers, risk factors and clinico-pathological features of urticaria, angioedema and anaphylaxis in dogs - a prospective observational study of 24 cases
The effects of next generation allergen-specific immunotherapy (Allermmune HDM) in canine atopic dermatitis
Overcoming the skin barrier - enhanced drug delivery with nanoparticles
Treatment of itch in dogs: a mechanistic approach
The selective glucocorticoid receptor agonist mapracorat displays a favourable safetyefficacy ratio for the topical treatment of inflammatory skin diseases in dogs
Therapeutic anti-IgE monoclonal antibody single chain variable fragment (scFv) safety and immunomodulatory effects in dogs
In vitro activity of micronized silver and a micronized silver-containing shampoo against Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms
The cutaneous ecosystem: the roles of the skin microbiome in health and its association with inflammatory skin conditions in humans and animals
Microbiome of the dog and cat - what do we know?
Fungal microbiome of healthy and allergic feline skin: a next-generation sequencing study
Progenitor cells expressing nestin, a neural crest stem cell marker, differentiate into outer root sheath keratinocytes
Impact of ciclosporin and prednisone on the canine cutaneous microbiome: a longitudinal study
Bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents and its impact on veterinary and human medicine
Bartonellosis: One health perspectives on an emerging infectious disease
Clinical, microscopic and microbial characterization of exfoliative superficial pyoderma-associated epidermal collarettes in dogs
Molecular and epidemiological characterization of canine Pseudomonas otitis using a prospective case control study design
Staphylococci penetrate the living epidermis through inter-keratinocyte spaces created by the skin infiltrating neutrophils in a mouse model of impetigo
Dermatopathology - the link between ancillary techniques and clinical lesions
Diagnostic approaches in veterinary microbiology: present and future
Thermotolerance, comparison of two in vitro antifungal tests and sensitivity monitoring during therapy of Sporothrix schenckii sensu stricto from Malaysian cats
Dermoscopy in dogs: a new perspective in evaluation of pattern alopecia
Diagnostic value of home-cooked and an extensively hydrolysed diet (AnallergenicTM, Royal Canin, France) in the diagnosis of canine adverse food reaction: a randomized prospective multicentre study in 72 dogs
Identification of stem cell markers lgr5, lgr6 and sox9 in canine hair follicle and epidermal tumours
Canine perianal tumours not originating from the perianal glands or anal sacs
Use of carbon dioxide laser vaporization for the treatment of feline cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
Identification of platelet-derived growth factor receptor β in canine cutaneous epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma
Epidemiological, histopathological and genetic study of melanomas in dogs: interest for comparative oncology and new therapeutic options for human and veterinary medicine
Canine transmissible venereal tumour in Vassouras-RJ, Brasil: A retrospective clinicoepidemiological study of 101 cases
PORCN gene mutation in dogs with clinical and histopathological manifestation of ectodermal dysplasia - report of three cases
Identification of the genetic cause of a canine insensitivity to pain (Auto-Mutilation Syndrome) in hunting dogs, a model for human sensory neuropathies
Role of cachexia in nonsteroid-induced acquired feline skin fragility syndrome: morphologic, histoenzymatic, immunohistochemical, and TNF-α and TGF-β gene expression study
Use of low level laser therapy (LLLT) for drug unresponsive perianal fistulas in German shepherd dogs
Clinical and microscopic features of generalized discoid lupus erythematosus in dogs (10 cases)
Apoptosis as a mechanism for keratinocyte death in canine toxic epidermal necrolysis
Canine skin microbiome: diversity and resilience in healthy dogs
Evaluation of cutaneous expression of PRUNE in the skin of normal dogs: a preliminary study
Physiological analysis of the skin in dogs with Cushing's syndrome by transepidermal water loss, stratum corneum hydration and corneocyte surface area
Establishment and pharmacological modulation of a canine skin organ culture model
The feline skin microbiota: the bacteria inhabiting the skin of healthy and allergic cats
The effect of feeding dogs with different amounts of linoleic acid on the concentration of linoleic acid in canine stratum corneum
The effect of feeding dogs different amounts of linoleic acid on stratum corneum lipids
Comparison of the moisturizing power and the effect on transepidermal water loss of two shampoos on the canine skin barrier
Evidence for specific alterations of stratum corneum lipids in the autosomal recessive ichthyosis of golden retriever dogs lacking PNPLA1 lipase
In vitro activity of substituents of a topical skin cream against Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and other bacterial pathogens
Frequency of urinary tract infections in feline patients with dermatologic disease receiving long-term glucocorticoids and ciclosporin
Antibacterial activity of incomplete iron salt of polyacrylic acid against Pseudomonas aeruginosa , meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Clinical and histologic description of lykoi cat hair coat and skin
Use of mycophenolate mofetil to treat immune mediated skin disease of dogs: a retrospective evaluation
Mucous membrane pemphigoid in dogs: a retrospective study of clinical signs, treatment and outcome in 16 new cases
Can ultraviolet light C decrease the environmental burden of resistant bacteria on textiles?
Quality assessment of compounded fluconazole capsules and oral suspensions in the United States
An exploratory study to assess the activity of oral afoxolaner against Sarcoptes scabiei experimental infestation in pigs
Treatment of Psoroptes ovis infestation in sheep and cattle of Cholistan, Pakistan
Treatment of canine generalized demodicosis with doramectin
Leishmaniosis and pustular dermatitis in dogs: 12 cases
Ivermectin-induced neurotoxicity in golden retrievers not associated with mutations in the ABCB1-1 Δ gene
Limited influence of weekly shampooing of dogs on flea adulticidal efficacy of a dinotefuran-permethrin-pyriproxyfen topical ectoparasiticide
Evaluation of the squeeze tape impression for the diagnosis of canine demodicosis
Efficacy of afoxolaner (NexGard®) against generalized demodicosis in dogs
Efficacy comparison of Effipro® Duo, fipronil alone and pyriproxyfen alone against the further development of flea ( Ctenocephalides felis ) eggs collected from cats
Abnormal orientation of pilosebaceous units (pilosebaceous dysplasia): a histopathological finding indicative of yeast dermatitis
Coccidioidomycosis: a retrospective analysis of 40 canine and feline cases seen in Arizona (2009-2015)
Residual antibacterial activity of in vitro cultured Staphylococcus pseudintermedius from canine hair treated with topical antimicrobial sprays
Evaluation of cytology collection techniques and prevalence of Malassezia yeast and bacteria in claw folds of normal and allergic canines
Cutaneous mite prevalence in the free roaming cat population of the Ohio River Valley region determined using surface sampling and faecal flotation
Evaluation of dermatophyte screening tests: Wood's lamp, direct examination, dermoscopy and fungal culture in cats
Conductive hearing loss in three dogs associated with the use of ointment based otic medications
Use of diode laser for treatment of hyperplastic polypoid otitis externa in allergic brachycephalic dogs
Bacteriology and cytology of otic exudates in 41 cavalier King Charles spaniels with primary secretory otitis media
Antimicrobial susceptibility of bacterial and yeast external ear isolates in USA dogs with first time otitis externa and recurrent otitis externa
Longitudinal study to investigate the minimum bactericidal concentrations of silver sulfadiazine combinations against microorganisms commonly associated with otitis media
Evaluation of canine otitis media with ultrasound imaging and video-otoscopy
Prospective study of the effect of otitis externa before and after treatment on 20 owners' assessment of their own and their dog's quality of life
Clinical analysis of cholesteatoma in seven dogs
Videoendoscope-guided myringotomy in dogs: contamination rate from the external ear canal - a pilot study
Investigations on the role of nerve growth factor in dogs with atopic dermatitis
Extensive protein hydrolyzation is indispensable to prevent IgE-mediated food allergen recognition
Evaluation of circulating and epidermal IL-31 in healthy and atopic dogs, including the effects of oclacitinib and allergen exposure in atopic dogs: a pilot study
Characterization of circulating monocytes/macrophages and polarization of M2a macrophage subtype in healthy and atopic dogs
Diagnostic accuracy of serum assays for mite sensitivity in dogs with atopic dermatitis sensu stricto
Evaluation of different concentrations of histamine and skin irritant threshold concentration for house dust mites and a storage mite in healthy dogs submitted to intradermal testing
Molecular weight characterization of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus allergens in dogs with atopic dermatitis sensu stricto positive on intradermal and serological (FceR1α) testing
Serological identification of low molecular weight allergens from domestic mites associated with canine atopic dermatitis
Detailed characterization of pruritus in sarcoptic acariosis
Establishing a canine superficial pyoderma model
Canine papillomaviruses 1 and 2 engage oncogenic pathways in a different manner
The in vitro and in vivo efficacy of 0.011% hypochlorous acid
Evaluation of the in vitro synergistic activity of chlorhexidine and trizEDTA
Overexpression of TLR-2 and TLR-4 mRNA in feline polymorphonuclear neutrophils exposed to Microsporum canis
Immunohistochemical and molecular investigation on the presence of Leishmania spp. in the skin of cats with head and neck ulcers
Identification of canine papillomavirus by PCR in greyhound corns
Clinical efficacy of artificial carbonated spring water therapy for canine superficial pyoderma caused by Staphylococcus pseudintermedius
In vitro bactericidal activity of lactoferricin and other enzymes on bacteria selected from dogs with pyoderma
A randomized, double-blinded crossover trial testing the benefit of an extensively hydrolysed poultry feather veterinary diet in dogs with spontaneous pruritic chicken hypersensitivities
A blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial investigating three dose levels of lokivetmab (ZTS-00103289), a caninized anti-canine IL-31 monoclonal antibody, for the reduction of pruritus and associated skin lesions in dogs with atopic dermatitis
A minimally restricted blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the safety of lokivetmab (ZTS-00103289), a caninized anticanine IL-31 monoclonal antibody, in client owned dogs with atopic dermatitis
Evaluation of the long term effect of intralymphatic immunotherapy in the management of canine atopic dermatitis
Intralymphatic immunotherapy: an effective and safe alternative route for canine atopic dermatitis
A randomized, double-blinded, placebocontrolled, multi-centre, confirmatory efficacy field trial for the evaluation of adjuvanted allergen specific immunotherapy in the control of canine atopic dermatitis: preliminary results
Investigation of the effect of oclacitinib on skin barrier function and ability to prevent allergic sensitization in atopic dogs
T-cell dependent antibody responses in dogs administered lokivetmab (ZTS-00103289), a caninized, anti-canine IL-31 monoclonal antibody
Head and neck feline dermatitis: response to oclacitinib treatment
A retrospective review of hyperaesthetic leukotrichia in horses
IgE cross-reactivity and co-sensitization against flies of genera Culicoides and Simulium in horses with insect bite hypersensitivity
Papillomavirus co-infections in equine aural plaques
Increased susceptibility of skin from HERDA (Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia) affected horses to collagenase degradation as a potential mechanism for the clinical signs of HERDA and review of the literature
Dermoscopy in horses: what can be normally observed?
Emollient and calming topical treatment as an adjunct of specific treatment of equine insect bite hypersensitivity: results of a pilot study in France
A novel equine papillomavirus associated with generalized papillomatosis in three horses
Topical treatment of equine aural plaques with nitric acid, potassium nitrate and zinc nitrate solution (Oxalic®)
The potential use of serine protease inhibitors in the treatment of equine pemphigus foliaceus - a pilot study
Ciclosporin responsive alopecia areata in a guinea pig
A survey of skin disease in captive bats
Normal flora of the rabbit ear
Trichophyton porcellae and T. mentagrophytes in guinea pigs: evaluation of epidemiological characteristics from 218 cases
A better characterization of clinical signs of canine atopic dermatitis in a specialty practice: a prospective study of 300 cases
Head and neck dermatitis in atopic dogs is not associated with hypersensitivity to Malassezia pachydermatis
Oxidative status and inflammation biomarkers in dogs with atopic dermatitis: A controlled proof of concept prospective study
Intersection ranking report of strong reactions and maximum frequency of positive intradermal testing in 57 cases of canine atopy in Bangkok, Thailand
Quantitative measurement of antigen specific IgE in cats and dogs using a combination of recombinant cat IgE and an anti-cat x dog IgE antibody
Western blot analysis of sera of dogs with suspected IgE-mediated food allergy
Identification of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and MRSP on paws from healthy and allergic dogs
Walnut induced anaphylactic reaction in a dog
Evaluation of mite IgE binding protein content in extracts used for testing dogs with atopic dermatitis using ELISA and immunoblotting
Inaccuracy of a hair and saliva test for allergies in dogs
Food processing is associated with changes in the IgE sensitization profile in dogs
The canine epidermal keratinocyte cell line (MSCEK) expresses the β defensins cBD 1 and cBD103 upon stimulation with selected bacterial ligands and recombinant cytokines
Association between IL-31, clinical signs and restoration of the epidermal lipid barrier in atopic dogs
Association between quantitative measurement of filaggrin protein, clinical signs and restoration of the skin barrier in atopic dogs
Validation of intradermal testing technique in healthy horses: Reproducibility and influence of skin area and volume of injected allergenic extracts
An in vitro approach to studying allergy and itch in dogs
Prevalence of house dust mites in the homes of atopic dogs in Finland
Determination of the optimal threshold concentrations of eight allergens for skin percutaneous (prick) test in dogs
Protease content of veterinary allergen extracts
Use of lactoferricin, verbascoside and glycerophosphoinositol lysine emulsion in bacterial and yeast overgrowth treatment: A pilot study in 10 dogs
An open self-controlled study on the efficacy of oral fluralaner for long term control of flea allergy dermatitis in client owned dogs in France
Effectiveness of regionally specific immunotherapy (RESPIT) for the management of atopic dermatitis in 103 dogs
Safety evaluation study of specific immunotherapy based on allergoids adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide in dogs
Long term laboratory safety study of lokivetmab (ZTS-00103289), a caninized, anticanine IL-31 monoclonal antibody, in normal dogs
Effects of sphingomyelin and hyaluronic acid on prostaglandin E2 secretion in canine keratinocytes
Subcutaneous administration of ciclosporin for feline allergic skin disease - An open label clinical trial
An open study to evaluate the efficacy of a shampoo containing a corticosteroid for the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis
Identification of domestic mites in the environment of atopic dogs in Belgium and the usefulness of a new device in extracting mites from dog's sleeping area
Safety and the efficacy of immunotherapy based on mannan-conjugated polymerised extracts in allergic dogs sensitized to mites
Canine skin mast cell degranulation from polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil 60 containing human drugs
Characterization of the allergenic profile from a Dermatophagoides farinae extract used in immunotherapy for dogs
CO2 laser therapy in cats with eosinophilic granuloma complex: A pilot study
Enhanced scratching behaviour after abrupt withdrawal of oclacitinib in a chronic mouse model of allergic dermatitis
Efficacy of compounded ciclosporin in the control of atopic dermatitis in dogs
A double blinded, randomized, placebocontrolled trial of the efficacy, quality of life, tolerability and safety of food allergy specific sublingual immunotherapy in client-owned dogs with food allergy: Results of a small pilot study
Evaluation of the effects of 0.1% Peumus boldus leaf and Spiraea ulmaria plant extracts on bacterial colonization in canine atopic dermatitis: a preliminary randomized, controlled, double-blinded study
Clinical evaluation of dogs with atopic dermatitis treated with topical lipid replacement by Canine Atopic Dermatitis Extent and Severity Index (CADESI)-04 and PVAS scale
Comparison of effects of lokivetmab versus prednisolone on intradermal testing in Dermatophagoides farinae sensitized beagles
Possible influence of oclacitinib on the receptor and/or ligand expression of immune cells
The effect of allergen specific immunotherapy and Gynevac injection® on the clinical signs and blood CD4/CD8 T-lymphocyte ratio of atopic dogs, a pilot study
Owner evaluation of the response to allergen specific immunotherapy (ASIT) after intradermal testing (IDT) in horses with atopic dermatitis and/or recurrent air way obstruction (RAO)
Equine cutaneous habronemiasis with intralesional larvae
A single limb pododermatitis due to Borrelia spp. infection in a horse
Effect of several pharmaceutic formulations of local anaesthetics on equine skin permeation
A case of verrucous lobular capillary haemangioma in a young horse histologically resembling human lobular capillary haemangioma
Evaluation of the effects of a topical lipid formulation on the ultrastructural aspects of stratum corneum in normal and ichthyotic golden retriever dogs (PNPLA1 mutation)
Changes of corneocytes in healthy cats treated by Dermoscent Essential 6® spot-on: from macroscopic to microscopic observation
Healing of subcorneal pustular dermatosis in a puppy with the combination of ciclosporin and methylprednisolone
Clinical eosinophilic papular dermatitis associated with histological eosinophilic granuloma rapidly responsive to oclacitinib in an adult Labrador retriever
Erythema multiforme and response to treatment in the feline patient: A case study
Treatment of sterile chronic furunculosis in atopic bull terriers with ciclosporin: Long term follow up of five cases
Granulomatous sebaceous adenitis in a Chihuahua
Erythroderma after vaccination in a miniature schnauzer
Role of the histamine H4 receptor in cutaneous inflammatory diseases
Evaluation of C-reactive protein as an inflammatory marker and its potential for therapeutic monitoring in cases of canine pemphigus foliaceus and superficial pyoderma in dogs
Mycophenolate mofetil in the therapy of vesicular cutaneous lupus erythematosus: A case report
Prevalence of dermatophytes in captive tigers ( Panthera tigris ) in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dermatophyte species isolated from companion animals in France
A controlled randomized blinded study to evaluate the effect of PYOClean® Spray to help reduce antibiotic use in canine superficial pyoderma
Evaluation of a mixture of essential oils and a plant based extract for management of localized superficial pyoderma in dogs: An open label pilot study
Rapid identification of yeasts using Shorr stain in tape preparation slides from dogs with Malassezia dermatitis
Comparison between dermatophyte testing by culture in the clinic and in the mycology laboratory in suspected dermatophytosis in dogs and cats
The hair strand test: An original method to assess the kinetics of antifungal activity of dogs’ hair after the application of a 2% climbazole shampoo
Prevalence of dermatophyte isolation in suspected high risk cats in Japan
Prevalence of dermatophyte infection in pet shop kittens in Japan
Skin fungal microbiota in dogs with Malassezia dermatitis
In vitro antimicrobial activity of a commercial dermatologic solution (PEPTIVET SOL.) containing chlorhexidine digluconate, Tris-EDTA and a novel antimicrobial peptide (AMP2041)
Combined infection of Leclercia adecarboxylata and a meticillin resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in a dog with deep pyoderma
Evaluation of climbazole 2% solution in vitro activity on Malassezia strains selected from dogs with Malassezia dermatitis
The in vitro and in vivo efficacy of chlorhexidine and acetic acid/boric acid impregnated cleansing wipes
Trichophyton porcellae and T. mentagrophytes in guinea pigs ( Cavia porcellus ): comparative clinical, mycological and zoonotic aspects
In vitro efficacy of the essential oil from Leptospermum scoparium (manuka oil) and polymixin B nonapeptide (PMBN) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from canine skin and ears
Identification of bacteria in feline skin infections: A retrospective study
Report of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius (MRSP) and evaluation of bacterial resistance in skin and ear infections in dogs in Guadalajara, Mexico and correlation with prescription habits by general veterinarians in Mexico
The effect of skin pretreatment for the isolation of dermatophytes in fungal cultures: An example with Trichophyton verrucosum
Dermatophytes isolated from dogs: Climate or season as risk factors? An example in France
An atypical case of cutaneous actinobacillosis in a French beef cattle herd
Rapid killing of canine isolates of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius by pradofloxacin compared to three other drugs at clinically relevant drug concentrations
Prospective evaluation of nasal carriage of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and S. pseudintermedius in veterinary students
Histological and immunohistological study of leishmanin skin test in Ibizian hounds living in a highly endemic area of leishmaniosis
Atypical form of canine sporotrichosis: Report of 38 cases
Use of cryosurgery combined with oral itraconazole in 13 cats with sporotrichosis refractory to itraconazole monotherapy
Hyperpigmented and verrucous canine dermatophytosis: An unusual clinical presentation
Cutaneous gangrene and sepsis associated with Prototheca zopfii genotype II in a dog
Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance amongst Staphylococcus pseudintermedius from canine and feline clinical infections during 2004-2015 in the North West UK
Management of chronic pedal furunculosis and pododermatitis in dogs: Topical use of diluted sodium hypochlorite feet soaks as a complementary therapy: An open label trial in thirty dogs
Sterile neutrophilic dermatosis (Sweet's syndrome) in a foal
Use of oclacitinib in treatment of canine idiopathic ear tip vasculitis
A survey of canine dermatoses seen in a private dermatology practice: Idervet, Santiago, Chile (2007-2009)
Apocrine gland cystomatosis in the pinna of seven cats: Clinical and histopathological findings
A retrospective study of canine apocrine cutaneous cystomatosis
Cutaneous involvement of multicentric lymphoma in a dog
Non-epitheliotropic CD4-positive cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in a dog
Cutaneous metastases of a bronchial adenocarcinoma in a dog
Total skin photon beam therapy for refractory cutaneous epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma in dogs: Case report
Treatment of the first episode of acute otitis externa in dogs using 0.5/1% aluminum acetate/hydrocortisone solution
In vitro activity of a commercial otological solution containing a novel antimicrobial peptide on 30 clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from canine otitis
In vitro evaluation of the cerumen dissolving properties of commercial dog and cat ear cleansers
Manifestation of discomfort in healthy dogs after ear drop application
External ear canal and pinnae microbiota in atopic dogs with and without lesions: A semiquantitative cytological study
Clinical and microbiological comparison of antimicrobial and ceruminolytic activity of two commercial ear cleaners (Epi Otic® Advance, Virbac) (Pyoclean Oto®, LDCA) utilizing blinded otoscopic digital imaging
Evaluation of ear pain by owners and veterinarians
Correlation between clinical, behavioural observations and ear pain in canine otitis
Treatment of chronic idiopathic ceruminous otitis externa in cats with twice weekly topical application of a ceruminolytic ear cleaner and hydrocortisone aceponate: A pilot study
Measuring quality of life in dogs with chronic inflammatory ear disease
Treatment of canine demodicosis with topical eprinomectin
Can immunosuppressive therapy facilitate the diagnosis and affect the clinical signs of canine scabies? A retrospective study of 79 cases seen at a tertiary referral institution
Otodectes cynotis infestation in cats of Santiago, Chile
Efficacy of intra-aural application of pyriproxyfen containing products on Otodectes cynotis in cats
Evaluation of risk factors for the presence of Toxocara spp. on dog hair
Fly ( Haematobia irritans ) bite dermatitis in Aubrac cows
Clinical field efficacy of Effipr® Duo in dogs naturally infested by ticks (European species): A multi-centre, randomised, blinded, controlled study
Efficacy of Effipro® Duo against ticks ( Rhipicephalus turanicus ) in cats
Impact of shampooing or water immersion on the effectiveness of Effipro® Duo against the further development of flea eggs: A randomised, blinded, controlled study in dogs
Early onset of action of Effitix® when compared to Parastar® Plus using timed infestations of Rhipicephalus sanguineus ticks on dogs: A randomized, blinded, controlled study
Effectiveness of fluralaner (Bravecto® MSD) in treating generalized demodicosis in four dogs
Feline leishmaniosis: 15 cases
Flea infestation in dogs and cats, environmental treatment and relevance, a survey
Comparison between the leishmanin skin test and IFN-gamma production in Leishmania infantum stimulated blood from Ibizian hounds living in an endemic area of leishmaniosis (preliminary results)
Genetic and clinical evaluation of canine juvenile demodicosis
New atraumatic technique for Demodex canis diagnosis
Nine dogs with proliferative thrombovascular necrosis of the pinnae
Proliferative lymphocytic mural folliculitis and dermatitis with follicular apoptosis and parakeratotic casts in a Labrador retriever mixed breed dog
Diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis in a dog
Congenital pinnal hyperkeratosis in two French bulldogs
Lethal follicular dysplasia in Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle in France
Intervertebral disk herniation may induce pruritic behaviour in dogs
Keratoderma in dogue de Bordeaux: Identification of a mutation in the KRT16 gene, similar to human FNEPPK palmoplantar keratoderma
Management of severe ulcerative facial dermatitis in dogs with concurrent chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis: An open label trial in 19 dogs
Effects of chitin and chitosan nanofibres on canine cell growth and antibacterial properties with added gentamicin
Experimental evaluation of photoprotective activity of ultraviolet protective products in veterinary medicine
Immunohistochemical evaluation of IL-31 receptor A localization in neuronal and cutaneous tissues of beagle dogs
Clinical and histopathological assessment of skin repair properties of Allerderm® spot-on: A study on spaying wounds in 10 golden retrievers bitches
Characterization and comparison of the nasal and oral cavity microbiota in detection canines
Diagnosis of dermatophytic pseudomycetoma in a Persian feline through frozen section biopsy