Effect of acute intraocular pressure elevation on blood flow velocity and resistance in the rabbit ophthalmic artery
Evaluation of topical nalbuphine or oral tramadol as analgesics for corneal pain in dogs: a pilot study
Comparison of the pig and feline models for full thickness corneal transplantation
ADAMTS17 mutation associated with primary lens luxation is widespread among breeds
Postoperative glaucoma in the Labrador Retriever: incidence, risk factors, and visual outcome following routine phacoemulsification
Effect of short-term diphenhydramine administration on aqueous tear production in normal dogs
Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) assessment of the healthy female canine retina and optic nerve
Use of autologous conditioned plasma and adnexal surgical reconstruction in the treatment of an ocular chemical burn
Fluorescein angiography of the canine posterior segment using a dSLR camera adaptor
Combined phacoemulsification & ndocyclophotocoagulation (ecp) for the treatment of high-risk canine cataracts
Canine corneal fibroblast and myofibroblast transduction with aav5
Comparison of intravenous meloxicam, carprofen, and flunixin meglumine for reducing intraocular inflammation in dogs
Drug delivery by contact lens in glaucomatous dogs
Development and characterization of a murine retinal explant tissue culture system as an in vitro model for ocular gene therapy
Comparison of the use of a new handheld applanation tonometer and established applanation and rebound tonometers in horses and the effect of topical anesthesia on rebound tonometry of the normal equine eye
Effect of carboxymethyl chitosan on dog dry eye model
An ex-vivo model for suture-less amniotic membrane transplantation with a chemically defined bioadhesive
Ocular manifestations of a metastatic adenocarcinoma in a horse
Comparative ocular and craniofacial anatomy in nine species of lower Congo River fish
Canine eyelid granular cell tumor: a report of eight cases
Full-field electroretinogram in nocturnal owles (Megascops choliba)
Retrospective study of ocular disorders in serinus canarius domesticus
Comparison of a rebound tonometer (TonoVet®) and an applanation tonometer (TonoPen XL®) for the measurement of intraocular pressure in glaucomatous canine globes
Effects of ocular use of high dose human recombinant alpha interferon 2B (Intron®a) and feline recombinant omega interferon (Virbagen®) on naturally occurring feline viral keratoconjunctivitis
Influence of medetomidine on ophthalmic examinations in healthy dogs
Electroretinographic evaluation of diabetic dogs before and after phacoemulsification surgery
Corneal sensitivity is decreased in aged horses with clinical signs of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction compared to old and young clinically normal horses
Measurement of plasma gentamicin concentrations post chemical ciliary body ablation in dogs with glaucoma
Epidemiology of equine fungal keratitis presented to university of California-Davis from 1987 to 2010 (47 cases)
Ocular lesions following suspected lightning injury in a horse
Serum levels following intravitreal injection of gentamicin sulfate in dogs
Evaluation of intravenous Meloxicam in controlling experimental intraocular inflammation
Concurrent clinical intraocular findings in horses with depigmented punctate chorioretinal foci
Long-term outcome in 100 dogs affected by sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (2005-2010)
Effect of latanoprost on diurnal intraocular pressure and pupil diameter in normal and glaucomatous cats
ADAMTS10 as candidate gene in primary open angle glaucoma in the beagle
Light microscopic evaluation and scanning electron microscopic analysis of horse eyes following deep anterior lamellar keratectomy
Determination of autoantibody-producing isoforms of β-H-crystallins in American Cocker Spaniels
A case of MRSA isolation from canine KCS by human laboratory
Study of the probability for development of retinal degeneration in canines with cataract by ERG in Buenos Aires
Canine keratomycosis: a report of six cases (2000-2010)
Electroretinography in alpacas ( Vicugna pacos )
Phototoxic retinopathy in rats can be a perplexing issue in chronic studies
Ocular pathology associated with a long-standing laser-induced glaucoma model in the cynomolgus monkey
Electroretinogram responses of the normal thoroughbred horse sedated with detomidine hydrochloride
Outbreak of Philophthalmus gralli in four greater rhea ( Rhea americana )
The effect of topical 2% Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol suspension on aqueous humor flow rate and intraocular pressure in normal dogs
Use of a preserved human scleral tissue graft following full-thickness excision of canine limbal melanocytoma
KI67 as immunohistochemical marker to distinguish intraocular melanocytoma from melanoma in dogs
Cataract surgery in a toucán toco ( Ramphastos toco Linnaeus, 1758) - a case report
Intraocular acrylic foldable lens's hydro-implant
Pocket incision and no suture cataract surgery in the dog
Management of spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCEDs) in dogs with diamond burr superficial keratectomy and a bandage contact lens: a retrospective case study
Axial sclerotomy - new surgical approach for the evisceration and intraocular prosthesis implant - advantages
Comparison of the use of a new handheld applanation tonometer and established applanation and rebound tonometers in dogs and the effect of topical anesthesia on rebound tonometry of the normal canine eye
The effect of intraocular pressure (IOP) under two types of microsphere injection in dogs
Diagnostic contribution in color and Power Doppler mode in the evaluation of cataract of 10 Poodles
Bilateral phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation in an ocelot ( Leopardus pardalis ). Case report
Detailed evaluation of ciliary cleft structural parameters in bassets with primary closed angle glaucoma
Chromatic pupil light reflex testing routines for evaluation of visual system deficits in patients with traumatic head injury
Evaluation of aqueous concentration and ocular effects of firocoxib following aqueocentesis-induced anterior uveitis in dogs
Clinical and histopathologic effects of diode laser endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation in the normal equine eye
Correlation of height, weight, age, and corneal diameter with calculated intraocular lens strength of adult horses
Clinical and histopathological results of the application of the mononuclear fraction of autologous bone marrow cells on the third eyelid gland of dogs
Reliability of ocular ultrasound examinations through comparison to histopathology: a retrospective study
Ocular findings and reference values for selected ophthalmic diagnostic tests in the Macaroni penguin ( Eudyptes chrysolophus )
Correlation of aspects of residency training with first time pass rate on the board examination of the ACVO
Peri-ocular injection of MSCs: an in vivo safety, imaging, and immunomodulation study
SD-OCT imaging of spectacular ecdysis in the royal python ( Python regius )
Anterior segment fluorescein angiography of the normal canine and feline eye using a dSLR camera adaptor
Ciliary body ablation in a fruit bat ( Cynopterus brachyotis )
Use of the Tearlab® osmolarity system to evaluate tear osmolarity in normal adult dogs
Assessing the effects of chemical restraint on the canine electroretinogram: sequential recordings in alert, sedated and anesthetized dogs
Doxycycline concentration in the tears of pinnipeds following oral drug administration
Intravitreal cidofovir injection for the management of chronic glaucoma
Superficial anterior lamellar keratectomy (SALK) as surgical treatment of the chronic superficial pigmentary keratitis in dogs - short communication
Corneoconjunctival hemangioma in a dog - a case report
The antioxidative and retinal protective effects by nano/ submicron Lycium barbarum in high iop induced retinal ischemia in rats
Impact of modified cyclosporine a on lens epithelial cell and corneal endothelial viability
Evaluation for control of intraocular pressure in dogs with the use of a two-staged ahmed valved gonioimplants followed by endoscopic laser cyclophotocoagulation with or without phacoemulsification lens extraction
RPE65 gene therapy preserves blue cones in the RPE65 deficient dog
Proteome from frozen equine amnion
Comparison of efficacy and duration of topical anesthetics on corneal sensitivity in clinically normal horses
Complex autoantibody profiles against canine optic nerve antigens in goniodysgenesis-related glaucoma
Lymphatic vessels in the normal eye and in vascularized corneas in dogs: an immunhistochemical investigation using Lyve-1 and Prox1
Old disease-new breed: dayblindness in a family of miniature australian shepherds
Protein analysis of aqueous humor of horses: preliminary results
Prevalence of pigmentary uveitis and uveal cysts in golden retrievers residing within the midwestern United States
Autofluorescent retinal epitheliopathy (ARE) in the Swedish Vallhund
Development of a microsatellite panel to screen gene candidates for association with affected status in purebred dogs with progressive retinal atrophy
Assessment of visual function and structure following acute light exposure in the light sensitive T4R rhodopsin mutant dog retina
Evaluation of rebound tonometry in red-eared slider turtles ( Trachemys scripta elegans )
Assessment of AAV serotypes for transduction of the feline retina following subretinal delivery
Diamond burr epithelial debridement and stromal polishing in the management of spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCEDs) in dogs: a retrospective study
Characterization of two retinal dystrophies in papillons
Maintenance of bright-light vision in older Rpe65−/− dogs
Detection of papillomavirus in equine periocular squamous cell carcinoma
Effectiveness of gentamicin for pharmacologic ablation to treat end stage glaucoma in dogs
The usefulness of short-protocol electroretinography using a contact lens electrode with built-in led stimulator in cataract patients
Molecular identification of onchocerca lupi from feline and canine ocular tissue of U.S. origin
The progress of electroretinogram changes over time and correlation between a and b-waves, photopic negative response and flash visual evoked potential after induced retinal detachment in new zealand white rabbits
Transorbital extracranial orbito-parietal giant foreign body in a labrador retriever
Ocular lesions in 67 snakes seen at a university veterinary teaching hospital (1985-2010)
Objective and behavioral results following cataract removal in 52 pinnipeds
Description of tear glands of pinnipeds
Surgical management of lipid keratopathy in green moray eels (Gymnothorax funebris) under human care