Uveitic masquerade syndrome (UMS) in two cats
Effect of topical antiglaucoma medications on optic nerve head function and structure preservation in normotensive glaucomatous canine eyes
Performance in a vision assessment device of dogs with heritable retinal degeneration is unaffected by repeat testing over time
Handling, restraint, ophthalmic evaluation, and intraocular pressures of the sugar glider ( Petaurus breviceps )
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Ciliary cleft morphology in the normotensive fellow eyes of dogs with unilateral overt primary angle closure glaucoma predicts onset of glaucoma
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Noncontact infrared meibography in dogs and cats
Clinical manifestation of canine blindness presumed by PRA in Japan (653 cases, 2005–2009)
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Retinal transduction efficiency and speed of expression of AAV vectors with engineered capsid mutations in the dog
Clinical utility of a complete diagnostic protocol for the ocular evaluation of free-living raptors
Congenital stationary night blindness is associated with the leopard complex in the miniature horse
Astrocytic responses in the lateral geniculate nucleus of monkeys with experimental glaucoma
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Clinical ocular findings in cows with malignant catarrhal fever: ocular disease progression and outcome in 25 cases (2007–2010)
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Infectious keratoconjunctivitis (IKC) in reindeer ( Rangifer tarandus ) in scandinavia with special attention to the conjunctival flora and occurrence of infections with alphaherpesvirus
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