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Suture anchor placement technique around the insertion of the ventral rectus muscle for the replacement of the prolapsed gland of the third eyelid in dogs: 100 dogs
Mean central corneal thickness and corneal power measurements in pigmented and white rabbits using Visante optical coherence tomography and ATLAS corneal topography
Use of bovine pericardium (Tutopatch®) graft for surgical repair of deep melting corneal ulcers in dogs and corneal sequestra in cats
Comparative anatomy of the ophthalmic rete and its relationship to ocular blood flow in three species of marine mammal
Anatomical location and culture of equine corneal epithelial stem cells
Spectral domain optical coherence tomography imaging of the posterior segment of the eye in the retinal dysplasia and degeneration chicken, an animal model of inherited retinal degeneration
The effect of 1% tropicamide-induced mydriasis and cycloplegia on spherical refraction of the adult horse
Genetic screening for PRA-associated mutations in multiple dog breeds shows that PRA is heterogeneous within and between breeds
Unilateral intraocular mastocytosis and anterior uveitis in a dog with subcutaneous mast cell tumors
Solitary (primary) uveal T-cell lymphoma in a horse
Successful medical treatment for globe penetration following tooth extraction in a dog
Mucoadhesive chitosan films as a potential ocular delivery system for ofloxacin: preliminary in vitro studies