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Tear film proteomics and eyelid histopathology of pugs with ocular surface abnormalities
Papilloma of the eyelid presumably induced by an otarine herpesvirus (OtHV)-1 infection in a seal
The cause of infectious keratoconjunctivitis in semidomesticated reindeer - an experimental approach
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Ocular cases evaluated by the equine clinic of the veterinary faculty, Szent István University over 5 years
Molecular order of stromal proteoglycans as revealed by linear dichroism in rabbit corneal limbal explants cultured ex vivo
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Light- and electron microscopic changes in equine corneas after corneal cross-linking (CXL)
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Ocular ultrasonography with a standard 10-MHz transducer using a novel standoff technique in dogs
Monolayer of human amniotic membrane promotes growth and differentiation of rabbit corneal limbal epithelial cells, without air-lifting or 3T3 feeder layer
Remodeling of high order chromatin-DNA structure in rabbit corneal limbal epithelial progenitor cells grown on human intact and denuded amniotic membrane
Ocular biometry and its correlation with body weight and skull length in Brazilian deer
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