Clinical, histopathological and immunohistochemical characterization of a novel equine ocular disorder: heterochromic iridocyclitis with secondary keratitis in adult horses
Effect of topical ophthalmic dorzolamide(2%)–timolol(0.5%) solution and ointment on intraocular pressure in normal horses
Central corneal thickness measurements and ultrasonographic study of the growing equine eye
Retrospective study of the prevalence of keratoconjunctivitis sicca in diabetic and nondiabetic dogs after phacoemulsification
Effect of tiletamine–zolazepam on the intraocular pressure of the dog
Preoperative findings and visual outcome associated with retinal reattachment surgery in dogs: 217 cases (275 eyes)
Effect of once daily topical 0.3% naltrexone on tear parameters and corneal sensitivity in dogs with uncontrolled keratoconjunctivitis sicca: a double-masked randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial
Presumed primary ocular lymphangiosarcoma with metastasis in a miniature horse
Unilateral persistent hyperplastic tunica vasculosa lentis and persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous in a rabbit
Dynamic exophthalmos and lateral strabismus in a dog caused by masticatory muscle myositis
Corneal plaque containing levofloxacin in a dog
Initial clinical experiences with bilateral phacoemulsification in captive Macaroni ( Eudyptes Chrysolophus ) and Southern Rockhopper ( Eudyptes Chrysocome ) Penguins
Use of N-butyl cyanoacrylate adhesive for the treatment of erosive lipid keratopathy in two Panamanian Golden Frogs ( Atelopus zeteki )
Penetrating corneal xenotransplantation of SPF pig corneas to a dog: a preliminary study
Intraocular mast cell tumors in dogs
Normal bacterial conjuctival flora in the American Bison (BIson bison)
Complex maxillary malformation with orbital zygomatic mucocele in a puppy: a case report
Establishing normals for and validating the Pentacam-HR® for anterior segment tomography in healthy feline eyes
Single dose effect of topical ophthalmic dorzolamide hydrochloride 2%/timolol maleate 0.5% on intraocular pressure in normal dogs
In vivo confocal microscopy of corneal foreign bodies in dogs: a case series
Corneal-protective effects of tear substitutes containing sodium hyaluronate (SH)/dodecahydrosqualene (DHS) with poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) on porcine dry eye model and assessment of adverse effects of the substitute in live rabbit eyes
Canine T4R RHO model lacking 11 cis-retinal is not sensitive to light damage but undergoes earlier and faster retinal degeneration
Morphological characterization of cells attached to anterior capsules obtained using phacoemulsification in dogs with mature cataract
Bilateral phacoemulsification followed by an acrylic foldable intraocular lens implantation in a 2.5 year-old Bengal Tigress ( Panthera tigris tigris ): case report
Hurricane keratopathy in an 11 year-old Shih-Tzu: case report
Trans-scleral diffusion and comparative ex-vivo permeability of dexamethasone in equine, porcine and rabbit sclerae
Bilateral phacoemulsification followed by custom made intraocular lenses implant in howler monkeys ( Alouatta fusca and Alouatta caraya ): case report
Noncontact specular microscopy following the use of intracameral ascorbic acid during phacoemulsification in dogs with senile cataract
Immunophenotypic patterns, chromatin functional states and amounts of DNA from limbal epithelial cells grown on synthetic versus human amniotic membrane
Effects of the intracameral injection of preservative free 1% lidocaine, in the eyes of rabbits with experimental uveitis
Intravitreal device for slow release of drugs to control inflammation during phacoemulsification
Angiogenesis models induced by alkali burns in a murine model
Florida keratopathy in a red-bellied woodpecker - a case report
Retrospective evaluation of feline granulomatous conjunctivitis
Manual corneal thickness measurements of healthy caprine and camelid eyes using a portable spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) device
Intraocular pressure in dogs subjected to pneumoperitoneum or to the Trendelenburg position
Development of an ex vivo equine corneal model
Cataract removal and intraocular lens implantation in a Lanner falcon
Intraocular pressure in Asian elephants by rebound tonometry (TonoVet®)
Comparison of intraocular pressure measurements using rebound (TonoVet®) and applanation (Tono-Pen xl®) tonometry in clinically normal alpacas (Vicugna pacos)
Feline entropion: a retrospective study of 126 cats (1995-2014)
Associations of single-nucleotide polymorphisms of SRBD1 gene with glaucoma in Shiba-inu dog: a meta-analysis in six Japanese Veterinary Hospitals
Heat shock protein 70 expression in the equine cornea
Recurrent adnexal lymphoma in a horse
Development and assessment of a novel ex vivo canine model of corneal epithelial wound healing
Changes in antibiotics resistance in equine bacterial ulcerative keratitis (2011-2014)
Basal cell carcinoma of the nictitating membrane in a dog
Sutureless Acell® xenograft and cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive for corneal perforation in a pregnant mare
Retinal imaging using optical coherence tomography (OCT) in diabetic dogs
Ductular squamous metaplasia of the gland of the third eyelid in canines
Phenotypic characterization of corneal endothelial dystophy in German Shorthaired and Wirehaired Pointers using in vivo advanced corneal imaging
Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous and persistent hyperplastic tunica vasculosa lentis in three Great Dane littermates
Primitive neuroectodermal tumor as a cause for unilateral exophthalmos and bilateral blindness in a horse
Assessment of the effects of eye drops on corneal wound healing with a novel primary epithelial cell toxicity assay
Evaluation of the influence of estrogens in the lacrimal production of female dogs in estrus or proestrus phases, after ovariohysterectomy
Schirmer Tear Test I values in normal horses with and without auriculopalpebral nerve blocks
Endogenous cortisol concentration in canine tears and serum at rest and after a simulated stress event
A retrospective analysis of environmental risk factors for the diagnosis of deep stromal abscess in 390 horses in north central Florida from 1991 to 2013
Corneal fibrosarcoma in a cat
The histopathological results of Trabectome® on the iridocorneal angle in enucleated goniodysgenic canine eyes
Risk factors for sudden acquired retinal degeneration: 151 critically diagnosed cases within a reference population
Blink patterns and kinematics of lid motion in normal horses
Complications following phacoemulsification in pugs: a retrospective study of 30 cases
The effect of trypan blue on posterior capsule opacification in an ex vivo canine model
Outcome of intravitreal gentamicin injections in 26 glaucomatous canine eyes
Targeting plasma membrane repair in corneal wound healing
Cytokine profiles of aqueous humor and serum in horses with uveitis measured using multiplex bead immunoassay analysis
Preliminary clinical findings in treating canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca with 1% tacrolimus aqueous solution
Globe sparing procedure for canine iridociliary tumors via surgical debulking with adjunctive endoscopically guided transscleral cryotherapy with or without diode endolaser photocoagulation
The use of topical corticosteroids in the management of vascularized canine spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCED)
The effects of topical diclofenac and flurbiprofen on corneal sensitivity in normal dogs
3D printing for orbital and peri-orbital masses
Treatment of an orbital lacrimal gland adenocarcinoma in a cat
Assessment of a smartphone-based camera for fundus imaging in animals
Perioperative administration of topical dorzolamide hydrochloride/timolol maleate reduces postoperative ocular hypertension in dogs undergoing cataract surgery
Autologous platelet rich plasma treatment for canine indolent corneal ulcers
Feline diffuse iris melanoma vs. melanosis: a retrospective case series
Development of an ex vivo model of canine corneal fibrosis
Prognosis and impact of equine recurrent uveitis
Intracapsular delivery of cyclosporine a using a biodegradable thermosensitive hydrogel polymer reduces ex vivo PCO formation
Evaluation of tear osmolarity in healthy canines using a novel osmolarity system
Therapeutic potential of the anti-fibrotic drug suberanilohydroxamic acid (SAHA) in dogs
Utility of tear ferning as an adjunctive measure of tear film quality in brachycephalic dogs
Causes of endogenous uveitis in cats presented to referral clinics in the southeastern United States
The effects of nsaid use in treatment of superficial non-healing corneal ulcers: a retrospective study of 106 dogs
Bilateral corneal stromal loss in friesian horses: candidate gene sequencing
Anterior segment angiography of the normal caprine and camelid eye. A comparision between indocyanine green and sodium fluorescein
Mast cell tumor in the ciliary body of a horse
Titanium miniplate fixation to treat comminuted frontal and maxillary orbital fractures causing exophthalmos and globe displacement in a dog
Systemic blastomycosis in a labrador retriever presenting as an eyelid mass
Canine ocular onchocerciasis - a retrospective review of 16 cases in New Mexico
Determination of a no observable effect level (NOEL) for endotoxin following a single intravitreal administration to male dutch belted rabbits
Development and validation of a canine visual function instrument (CVFI)
The presence of minocycline in the tear film of normal horses following oral administration
Trabecular meshwork targeted gene therapy with adeno-associated virus (AAV) in beagles with POAG
Early optic nerve changes in a spontaneous feline glaucoma model
Intravitreal ex vivo gene therapy for retinal degeneration in a canine model of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
Use of a nictitating membrane flap for treatment of feline acute bullous keratopathy - 20 eyes
Post-phacoemulsification retinal detachment rate of bichon frises
Extracellular matrix fibronectin is a potential mechanoregulator during corneal stromal wound healing
Modification of roberts-bistner procedure for feline eyelid agenesis using 2-octyl cyanoacrylate in nine eyes of five cats
Naturally occurring lenticular encephalitozoonosis in a domestic cat
Effect of flunixin meglumine and phenylbutazone on aqueocentesis induced uveitis in eight ponies
In vitro and in vivo effect of voriconazole exposure on the equine cornea: a pilot study
Effects of topical sirolimus on tear production in normal dogs and dogs with refractory dry eye
Effects of topical ophthalmic trifluridine in dogs with experimental recurrent ocular canine herpesvirus-1 infection
MRI visualisation of anesthetic fluid distribution and comparison of two different volumes following sub-tenon injection in equine cadaver eyes
Investigation of a tass outbreak in canine cataract surgery patients
Use of an ophthalmic formulation of megestrol acetate for treatment of eosinophilic proliferative keratitis in cats
Post-trabecular open angle glaucoma in cats
Effect of topical ophthalmic latanoprost 0.005% solution alone and in combination with diclofenac 0.1% solution in normal horses
Intraocular pressures in eyes of golden retrievers without uveal cysts, with uveal cysts, and with pigmentary uveitis
Uveodermatologic syndrome in dogs: 50 cases (1985-2013)
Evaluation of the corneal anesthetic effect and ocular tolerance of 3.5% viscous lidocaine hydrochloride in comparison to 0.5% aqueous proparacaine hydrochloride and 0.5% viscous tetracaine hydrochloride in normal canines
Histological evaluation of corneal wounds experimentally created using diamond burr debridement in canine eyes: comparison of duration of debridement and variation of burr tips
Feasibility and use of a novel precision ocular injection device for intracorneal and suprachoroidal injections
Objective evalation of the systemic effects of topically applied 1% atropine in the horse
A ResolvinE1 analog reduces lens epithelial viability and decreases ex vivo posterior capsule opacification
Evaluation of vitreous degeneration as a potential predisposing factor for retinal detachment after phacoemulsification in dogs