Porcine urinary bladder extracellular matrix grafts (ACell Vet® Corneal Discs) for keratomalacia in 17 equids (2012–2013)
Retinal dysplasia in American pit bull terriers – phenotypic characterization and breeding study
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Semi-automated counting method of axons in transmission electron microscopic images
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Short posterior ciliary artery anatomy in normal and acutely glaucomatous dogs
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Measurement of plasma gentamicin concentrations postchemical ciliary body ablation in dogs with chronic glaucoma
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Achromatopsia in three sibling Labrador Retrievers in the UK
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Ventral transpalpebral anterior orbitotomy: surgical description and report of 3 cases
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Comparison between computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 33 dogs and 12 cats with orbital mass lesions
Analysis of factors of variation in lens diameter and axial globe length measurement using B-mode ultrasonography in dogs with cataract
Tear film osmolarity in dogs with keratoconjunctivitis sicca
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Comparing the morphology and function of the retina, and biochemistry in diabetic cats of the same family
IL-10 gene expression in canine allergic conjunctivitis
Platelet-rich plasma in combination with doxycycline for the treatment of corneal alkali burn ulcers in rabbits: preliminary results
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Treatment of lipid corneal dystrophy with ciclosporine drops in two dogs
Determination of ocular impedance indices after administration of butorphanol, medetomidine and ketamine hydrochloride in healthy cats
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Ocular dermoids in dogs - 19 clinical cases
Feline corneal sequestra - retrospective study of 43 cases
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Combination of surgical and medical treatment in periocular papilomatosis: 2 clinical cases
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Retrobulbar masses in dogs: about three cases
Idiopathic telangiectasia involving the ocular conjunctiva in a dog
Tear production and corneal sensitivity measurement in dogs with keratoconjunctivitis sicca
Histopathological analysis of feline phthisical eyes
Rapidly developing anterior uveal melanocytoma: a case report
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