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Effect of bandage contact lens wear and postoperative medical therapies on corneal healing rate after diamond burr debridement in dogs
Canine panuveitis : a retrospective evaluation of 55 cases (2000–2015)
Effect of topical ophthalmic latanoprost 0.005% solution alone and in combination with diclofenac 0.1% solution in healthy horses : a pilot study
Corneal anesthetic effect and ocular tolerance of 3.5% lidocaine gel in comparison with 0.5% aqueous proparacaine and 0.5% viscous tetracaine in normal canines
Ocular biometry by computed tomography in different dog breeds
Epidemiology of ocular disorders presumed to be inherited in three large Italian dog breeds in Italy
Use of a 350‐mm2 Baerveldt glaucoma drainage device to maintain vision and control intraocular pressure in dogs with glaucoma : a retrospective study (2013–2016)
Transpalpebral exenteration in cattle : a retrospective study of 115 cases
Subconjunctival antimicrobial poloxamer gel for treatment of corneal ulceration in stranded California sea lions (Zalophus californianus)
Characterization of a novel form of progressive retinal atrophy in Whippet dogs : a clinical, electroretinographic, and breeding study
Cataracts in the Norwegian Buhund—current prevalence and characteristics
Ultrasound biomicroscopy and tonometry in ophthalmologically normal pigeon eyes
Extraocular muscle dysinnervation disorder resembling Duane retraction syndrome in a 9‐month‐old French Bulldog