Introduction to the bioequivalence theme issue
Assessing product bioequivalence for extended-release formulations and drugs with long half-lives
Estimating product bioequivalence for highly variable veterinary drugs
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of stereoisomeric drugs with particular reference to bioequivalence determination
Demonstrating bioequivalence using clinical endpoint studies
Should licking behavior be considered in the bioavailability evaluation of transdermal products?
Considerations for extrapolating in vivo bioequivalence data across species and routes
Establishing bioequivalence of veterinary premixes (Type A medicated articles)
Challenges associated with the demonstration of bioequivalence of intramammary products in ruminants
The scientific basis for establishing solubility criteria for veterinary species
Drug solubility classification in the dog
Drug solubility classification in the bovine
How do you define equivalence of the API of biomass products?
Challenges obtaining a biowaiver for topical veterinary dosage forms