The cardiopulmonary effects and quality of anesthesia after induction with alfaxalone in 2‐hydroxypropyl‐β‐cyclodextrin in dogs and cats
Multiple comparison procedure and modeling
A pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model capturing the time course of torasemide‐induced diuresis in the dog
Pharmacokinetic study of meropenem in healthy beagle dogs receiving intermittent hemodialysis
Pharmacokinetic comparison of oral tablet and suspension formulations of grapiprant, a novel therapeutic for the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis in dogs
Prospective evaluation of the safety of compounded bulk material L‐asparaginase in dogs with lymphoma
Topical delivery of diclofenac into and across equine skin from a novel liquid diclofenac epolamine formulation
Comparative plasma and milk dispositions, faecal excretion and efficacy of per os ivermectin and pour‐on eprinomectin in horses
Polyphenols from Silybum marianum inhibit in vitro the oxidant response of equine neutrophils and myeloperoxidase activity
Depletion of florfenicol in lactating dairy cows after intramammary and subcutaneous administration
The pharmacokinetics of transdermal flunixin meglumine in Holstein calves
Pharmacokinetic investigations of the marker active metabolites 4‐methylamino‐antipyrine and 4‐amino‐antipyrine after intramuscular injection of metamizole in healthy piglets
Concentrations of tylvalosin and 3‐O‐acetyltylosin attained in the synovial fluid of swine after administration by oral gavage at 50 and 5 mg/kg
Pharmacokinetic indices for cefovecin after single‐dose administration to adult sea otters (Enhydra lutris)