Foresight on food
Scotland consults on next steps in its BVD eradication programme
FSA seeks views on new advice on food from the progeny of clones
Delegation to student VNs
Rapid rise of the ‘handbag’ dog
Dog control Bill continues its journey through Parliament
Charity treats more banned breeds
Vet suspended for failing to attend out of hours
Best foot forward
Edinburgh to launch ‘One health’ MSc
RASE secures the future of Stoneleigh Park
UFAW scholars gather in Glasgow
News in brief
A world without rinderpest
What makes a Salmonella strain epidemic? An expert opinion workshop
Some factors affecting pregnancy rate in ewes following laparoscopic artificial insemination
Effect of cross-fostering on transfer of maternal immunity to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae to piglets
Biopsy wound healing in long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas)
Acquired antimicrobial resistance in equine Rhodococcus equi isolates
Designing clinical trials in canine spinal cord injury as a model to translate successful laboratory interventions into clinical practice
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Wound management
Dealing with disease crises
K. H. B. Wood
P. R. M. Brown
British Veterinary Association
Dalrymple-Champneys Cup and Medal
Minute virus as a possible cause of neurological problems in dogs
Merger of the VLA and Animal Health
Limited options for ophthalmology qualifications
Student VNs and records of training