Staying prepared
First VDC meeting highlights the role of vets in the food chain
Cautious welcome for fall in Welsh TB figures
Good practice guide for epidemiological modelling
Answering unanswered questions about leptospirosis
Reduction in the number of VLA regional laboratories ‘inevitable’
RCVS plans to celebrate 50 years of veterinary nursing
News in brief
Keyhole surgery for rescued bears
Helping the animals rebuilding Pakistan
Veterinary medicines
Veterinary Salmonella isolates in Scotland decline again in 2009
News in brief
Biosecurity and FMD transmission
Risk factors for transmission of foot-and-mouth disease during an outbreak in southern England in 2007
Evaluation of a breast support conveyor to improve poultry welfare on the shackle line
Ultrasonographic evaluation of the adrenal glands in healthy dogs
Cross-reaction of a Campylobacter fetus subspecies venerealis real-time PCR
Prevalence of obesity in a population of horses in the UK
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Political and practical problems with dangerous dogs
A. J. Elliott
British Veterinary Association
J. H. Davies
Death Notices
W. E. J. Warnes
Foot-and-mouth disease in Bulgaria and African swine fever in Russia
Disciplinary committee
Reporting caesarean sections in dogs
Detection of a new variant of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus in France
Exercise Silver Birch
BVA Council election
Making an impact in a changing world
Introducing the BVA's community platform
A new voice for Wales
New chairman for EWG
Microchipping alliance brings key campaigners together