Science and emergencies
New animal welfare legislation approved in Northern Ireland
BVA President looks back on the 2001 FMD outbreak
Massey mobilises emergency response team
New director for the IAH
Meat labelling decision ‘a huge step backwards’
Vet to be struck off for dishonesty and breach of racing rules
Assessing diets for pet rabbits
Veterinary medicines
Availability of botulism vaccines
Northern Ireland disease surveillance, October to December 2010
News in brief
Culicoides and the spread of bluetongue
Abattoir-based study investigating the association between gross pathological lesions and serological tests for Salmonella infection in pigs
Demonstration of the metaphylactic use of gamithromycin against bacterial pathogens associated with bovine respiratory disease in a multicentre farm trial
Culicoides vectors of bluetongue virus in Chester Zoo
Outbreak of Klebsiella oxytoca enterocolitis on a rabbit farm in Hungary
Treatment of lateral patellar luxation in a dog by femoral opening wedge osteotomy using an interlocking nail
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W. Beswick
British Veterinary Association
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Foot-and-mouth disease in Bulgaria
No provision for pig medicine certificates
Ear versus rectal temperature in dogs and cats
BVA Council election results
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Wide range of topics to be aired at welfare discussion forum
BVA Congress 2011
The changing face of AVS
‘Robust message’ at BVA London dinner