Reducing red tape
Licensing regime to govern wild animal welfare in circuses
New Welsh ministers appointed
RCVS retention fees 2011 – final deadline approaches
Hard work pays off at Royal wedding
SAC to lead international animal welfare study
Moredun CEO seconded to food security role at Glasgow university
Good progress with redeveloping IAH laboratory site
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Raising awareness of zoonoses
RCVS seeks comments on proposed case-management protocol
Northern Ireland disease surveillance, January to March 2011
News in brief
Canine atopy – inside out, or outside in?
Acute phase proteins in milk in naturally acquired bovine mastitis caused by different pathogens
Verocytotoxin-producing and attaching and effacing activity of Escherichia coli isolated from diseased farm livestock
Evaluation of a human generic formulation of ciclosporin in the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis with in vitro assessment of the functional capacity of phagocytic cells
Cryptococcal meningoencephalitis in a dog
Effects of probiotic supplementation on liveweight gain and serum cortisol concentration in cattle
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British Veterinary Association
Death Notice
VET Trust CPD conference
G. B. Edwards
Control of foot-and-mouth disease
Distribution category for oral copper supplements for sheep
Tail docking of dairy cattle in the UK
Recruitment of Temporary Veterinary Inspectors in FMD emergencies
Recruitment of Temporary Veterinary Inspectors in FMD emergencies
Survey of vets employed in industry
Use of darting guns and administration of sedatives
Naked-neck chickens
RCVS Council elections