Going through the hoops
RCVS seeks feedback on a draft code of conduct for VNs
FSA rejects idea of third-party provision of meat inspection services
‘Huge opportunity’ for vets to assess their sales of non-prescription products
Class of 2011
Role play enhances students' understanding of welfare issues
Helping owners meet their pets' needs
Honouring a lifetime's contribution to cardiology
Profession welcomes report on access to higher education
Benefits of animal-assisted interventions to young offenders
New course for animal rehoming staff
VBF fellowship awarded for ‘outstanding’ service
International disease monitoring, April to June 2011
News in brief
Antimicrobial resistance
Evaluation of risks of foot-and-mouth disease in Scotland to assist with decision making during the 2007 outbreak in the UK
Antimicrobial susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from dogs with otitis externa
Localised tetanus in a cat
Effects of intrarectally administered omeprazole paste on gastric fluid pH in healthy adult horses
Use of a deslorelin implant to control aggression in a male bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps)
Dystrophin-deficient muscular dystrophy in an Alaskan malamute
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Seeking clarity on specialisation
R. F. Sellers
British Veterinary Association
Controlling dog behaviour
Unexplained outbreaks of a novel acute haemorrhagic vomiting syndrome in cats
Prevalence of Leptospira cases in the vet-visiting dog population in the UK
Controlling dog behaviour
Risk of botulism for laying hens and broilers
Risk of botulism for laying hens and broilers
Correct use of antibiotics?
Correct use of antibiotics?