A key appointment
BVA calls for more investigation of welfare abuse at abattoir
Chairman appointed to animal health and welfare board
Membership of Welsh TB review panel confirmed
Assessing pet owners' attitudes to pain
Practices asked to support ‘Don't cook your dog’ campaign
New name for Kennel Club breeders' scheme
First graduates from farriery degree course
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Vet suspended from Register for failing to follow TB test procedures
Proposed apprenticeship for support staff in veterinary practice
Pilot schemes to test pig health improvement measures
Lead poisoning in cattle associated with car batteries and sump oil
News in brief
Developing minimally invasive surgery in companion animals
Feasibility of single-portal access laparoscopic ovariectomy in 17 cats
Clinicopathological findings and echocardiographic prediction of the localisation of bovine endocarditis
Pulmonary adenocarcinoma seeding along a fine needle aspiration tract in a dog
Three cases of accessorioulnar arthrodesis to address accessory carpal bone subluxation or fracture
Squirrel adenovirus type 1 in red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) in Germany
Pharmacokinetic interactions of marbofloxacin with anti-inflammatory drugs in buffalo calves
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Cattle disease in colour
Science of behaviour
Books received
Veterinarians in disasters
British Veterinary Association
Share Jones lecture 2011
Informal consultation on amended veterinary medicines guidance notes
Urinary shedding of spirochaetes in a dog with acute leptospirosis despite treatment
Urinary shedding of spirochaetes in a dog with acute leptospirosis despite treatment
Supporting veterinary students
Research into the abuse of animals and people