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Appeal for funds to support emergency response in Kenya
BVA annual report
Possible role for MHC I in bleeding calf syndrome
New pig health and welfare strategy launched by BPEX
British vet elected as WVPA vice-president
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VDC seeks views on the use of technicians
Finding medicines for horses
Investigating the suitability of electronic identification in livestock
Comparison of a chlorhexidine and a benzoyl peroxide shampoo as sole treatment in canine superficial pyoderma
Subcutaneous electronic identification in cattle
Review of seven cases of granulosa cell tumour of the equine ovary
Potential of vaccination to confound interpretation of real-time PCR results for equine influenza
Surgical fixation of a symphyseal fracture of the mandible in a cow using cerclage wire
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Lameness in horses
Self-assessment on common eye conditions
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British Veterinary Association Annual General Meeting
British Veterinary Association
J. M. Green
Idiopathic arterial aneurysm/rupture causing sudden death in dairy cattle
Renal function of dairy cows with subclinical ketosis
Renal function of dairy cows with subclinical ketosis
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