Regulation and bureaucracy
New screening scheme for syringomyelia
FSA Board advises against relaxing the ban on PAP in animal feed
AHVLA confirms rationalisation of laboratory services
BVA's new officer team
BVA President highlights concerns about surveillance
Vets and the Big Society
‘Paradigm has to change’ to restore global influence
Sharing information on sheep
Who or what is a veterinary specialist?
FVE and AVMA issue joint statements on ‘critical issues’ for the profession
Veterinary medicines
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Epileptic brain damage in dogs and cats
Effect of prolonged status epilepticus as a result of intoxication on epileptogenesis in a UK canine population
Associations between biovar and virulence factor genes in Pasteurella multocida isolates from pigs in Spain
Effects of hot-iron branding on heart rate, breathing rate and behaviour of anaesthetised Steller sea lions
Congenital polyarthritis in goat kids attributed to Mycoplasma agalactiae
Comparison of xylazine-butorphanol and xylazine-morphine-ketamine infusions in horses undergoing a standing surgery
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British Veterinary Association
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RCVS Charitable Trust grants
Specialisation, self-assessment and measuring competency
Changes in the femoral head and/or neck in cats
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Reflections on a presidential year
Why should new graduates join the BVA?
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