Laws in the making
‘A world without rabies is not a world without dogs’
New Veterinary Medicines Regulations come into force
First all-island disease surveillance report for Ireland
Official opening for new teaching facility at the Dick Vet
Visiting professorship for Pirbright scientist
MBE for RAVC dog handler
News in brief
CVOs in the spotlight
Current situation with equine AI technicians ‘unsafe’
Postgraduate education
Taking up the public health challenge
Reducing stress in dogs in shelters
Effects of exercise and human contact on animal welfare in a dog shelter
Clinical syndromes associated with the circulation of multiple serotypes of bluetongue virus in dairy cattle in Israel
Review of bacterial and fungal culture and sensitivity results from reptilian samples submitted to a UK laboratory
Prevalence of Coxiella burnetii in livestock abortion material using PCR
Reliability of ultrasonography at the fifth intercostal space in the diagnosis of reticular diaphragmatic hernia
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
British Veterinary Association
Question Time
G. E. Crabtree
J. B. Tuckey
Death notice
Removal of tick controls for animals entering the UK
Changes to the AHVLA services
Birnavirus-associated proventriculitis in French broiler chickens
National control programme for Salmonella in pigs
Bovine TB and wildlife control
Parentage testing and genetic diseases
Controlling dog behaviour