Politics and resistance
Call to phase out prophylactic use of antimicrobials in livestock
RCVS Registrar to stand down
Members appointed to animal health and welfare board
Minister leads topping out of ‘world-class’ facility at Pirbright
Ups and downs for vulnerable breeds
Vets' food safety role on show in Scotland
Veterinary ethics and the humane treatment of animals
News in brief
Concern expressed about AHVLA's plans for laboratory services
Veterinary medicines
Preventing lungworm
Survey of Salmonella prevalence on commercial turkey breeding and fattening farms in the UK in 2006 to 2007
Lungworm outbreaks in adult dairy cows
Comparative evaluation of three commercially available complement fixation test antigens for the diagnosis of glanders
Canine haemophilia A caused by a mutation leading to a stop codon
Assessment of consciousness during propofol anaesthesia in pigs
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Antimicrobials in the balance
P. D. Storie-Pugh
F. Jennings
J. M. Morris
British Veterinary Association
Death notices
Dog breeding
Reducing surgical complications using a safety checklist
Ingestion of multiple magnets by a dog
BVA legal services
Introducing a new canine health scheme
Strengthening links in Northern Ireland
Delivery of veterinary services
Out-of-hours provision and home visits
From food security to disaster relief
And baby makes three