Surveillance under scrutiny
Scotland's surveillance review recommends rationalisation
Preserving the integrity of qualifications
New approach to cattle vaccination
Update on investigations into seasonal canine illness
Report highlights public health risks of ‘new companion animals’
Views sought on equine trading scheme
Remembering the real war horses
Marking animals' contributions in conflict
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New president for ophthalmology society
International disease monitoring, July to September 2011
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Vaccination to reduce Salmonella prevalence in pigs
Use of an avirulent live Salmonella Choleraesuis vaccine to reduce the prevalence of Salmonella carrier pigs at slaughter
Plasma nitrate/nitrite concentrations in dogs with naturally developing sepsis and non-infectious forms of the systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Curative effect of topical treatment of digital dermatitis with a gel containing activated copper and zinc chelate
Metaphylactic gamithromycin treatment for the management of lameness in ewes putatively caused by Bacteroides melaninogenicus
Dystocia in a cat due to an ectopic artery
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Small animal anaesthesia
Focus on game meat hygiene
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Salinomycin toxicity in dairy calves
Non-healing hoof lesions in dairy cows
Labelling and the cascade
Spinal aspergillosis in pheasants