Logic and the Act
Defra seeks views on changing the RCVS disciplinary structure
Concern about AHVLA's plans for TB tendering and surveillance
Online information on inherited health problems in dogs
New facilities at Langford
Film examines dog health and wellbeing
Guidelines aim to improve welfare during transit
News in brief
Raising standards of pain management
Antimicrobial use
Thoroughly modern meat inspection
BVD eradication
Establishing a pilot bovine viral diarrhoea virus eradication scheme in Somerset
Survey of veterinary surgeons on the introduction of serological testing to assess revaccination requirements
Outbreaks of equine grass sickness in Hungary
Seroprevalence of vectorborne diseases in free-roaming dogs in Goa, India
Shell mycosis in a group of Hermann's tortoises (Testudo hermanni)
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Strictly pathology
Emergency medicine
Books received
Family-centred veterinary medicine
British Veterinary Association
P. D. L. Guilbride
Nominations for RCVS Council and VN Council elections
Disposal of medicinal products
Management of pain in dogs with Chiari-like malformation/syringomyelia
Laboratory diagnosis of Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma abortion in cattle
Aspergillosis in gamebirds and ducks