Schmallenberg virus and surveillance
EC calls for a unified approach to Schmallenberg virus
Two more members for the AHWBE
EFSA recommends use of animal-based measures when assessing welfare
Defra sets out strategy for dealing with notifiable avian diseases
AWSELVA launches a new website
Improving the efficacy of vaccines
FMD researcher retires
EC begins action over non-compliance with battery cage ban
Getting to the heart of human and animal cardiology
Veterinary medicines
News in brief
Salinomycin toxicity causes deaths of calves on two Scottish dairy farms
Cats, cations and hypertension
Potential barriers to veterinary student access to counselling and other support systems
Association of urinary cadmium excretion with feline hypertension
Lameness scoring system for dairy cows using force plates and artificial intelligence
Dermoid sinus type IV associated with spina bifida in a young Victorian bulldog
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British Veterinary Association
G. Lewis
Death notices
Laboratory diagnosis of Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma abortion in cattle
Prevention of Schmallenberg virus
Donating medicines to welfare projects
Veterinary checks on best of breed winners at Crufts
Donating medicines to welfare projects
Modernising meat inspection
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New committee members for 2012
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