Principle and detail
Outbreak assessments highlight current uncertainties about SBV
Badger Trust threatens legal challenge to culling decision
Animal production should not be promoted at any cost, says FAWC
Jubilee celebrations begin … and an era ends
Wales plans new legislation to control dangerous dogs
Immunological benefits of growing up on farms
RCVS reports record numbers of enrolments for VN training
Withdrawal of insurance ‘a huge blow’ to responsible pet owners
Survey identifies key drivers for engaging the veterinary team
Encouraging openness about stress and depression
Improving prospects for young offenders and rescue dogs
Rare breeds at risk from credit crunch
Northern Ireland disease surveillance, October to December 2011
News in brief
Simulating the impact of badger culling on bovine tuberculosis in cattle
Modelled impacts of badger culling on cattle TB in a real area with geographic boundaries
Intranasal immunisation with Stx2B-Tir-Stx1B-Zot protein leads to decreased shedding in goats after challenge with Escherichia coli O157
Porencephaly and hydranencephaly in six dogs
Surveillance for antibodies to West Nile virus in Ireland
Survival of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis biovar equi in soil
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Equine surgery
Surgical nursing
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Suffering through ignorance
G. M. Procter
W. A. Scott
British Veterinary Association
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Question Time
Modernising meat inspection
Modernising meat inspection
Future of surveillance
Scottie cramp and canine epileptoid cramping syndrome in Border terriers
Non-healing hoof lesions in dairy cows in Chile
Adenovirus particles from a wild red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) from Northern Ireland
Attempts continue to reduce the burden of EID requirements