Laboratory concerns
Minister hears of BVA's concerns about pace of change at AHVLA
Veterinary checks take effect at Crufts
SBV cases increase in cattle
New EID database for Wales
Royal praise for food safety and sustainability research at Moredun
New board to oversee changes to veterinary surveillance in Scotland
Encouraging the farm vets of the future
Controlling pony numbers on Dartmoor
News in brief
Pets' role in saving lives
Vets make best companies list
Working together to eradicate BVD in Scotland
Equine disease surveillance
Bog spavin
Owner survey of tarsocrural effusion (bog spavin) in Clydesdale horses
Raised herd somatic cell count due to Staphylococcus aureus following the failure of an automatic teat spraying system
Spatial-temporal model of haemorrhagic disease in white-tailed deer in south-east USA, 1983 to 2000
Standing CT and clinical progression of equine cholesterol granulomata
New method for removing mucus from the upper respiratory tract of newborn puppies following caesarean section
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
British Veterinary Association
A. Marr
J. P. Volrath
Deaths notices
Disciplinary committee
Recognising veterinary specialists
Prescribing of antimicrobials by veterinary practitioners
Echinococcus risk from imported beavers
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