Sustainable sustenance
Commission seeks views on food from cloned animals
Response to antimicrobial prescribing survey exceeds expectations
‘Clear decrease’ in cases of SBV in sheep across Europe
New drugs to be assessed for treating animal African trypanosomosis
Industry-led group to help tackle sheep scab in Wales
Breathing problems ‘considered normal’ by owners of short-nosed dogs
Ensuring the welfare of assistance animals
Inaugural awards for animal welfare . . .
. . . and for EMS projects
More kittens required for health and welfare study
Flea control
Findings in cases of SBV infection in sheep in the south-east
News in brief
Bovine TB and the ‘singleton protocol’
Evaluation of single reactor bovine tuberculosis breakdowns based on analysis of reactors slaughtered at an Irish export meat plant
Association between prospective owner viewing of the parents of a puppy and later referral for behavioural problems
Medium term endoscopic assessment of the surgical outcome following laryngeal saccule resection in brachycephalic dogs
Fluoroquinolone susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from commercial rabbit farms in Spain
Panic in free-range laying hens
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Handy reference for vets pursuing a diagnosis
Broad view of human and animal disease
Narrative medicine
Adding value for farmers through herd health plans