Making a commitment
Much Still To Be Done To Tackle Irresponsible Dog Breeding
FMD reference lab receives funding to help deliver new control strategy
Sequencing The Midge Genome
Call to support badger vaccination programme, despite reservations
News in brief
Canine health research awards
VMD to phase out importation of virginiamycin for veterinary use
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RCVS Council agrees new structure for specialisation
Preparing for a new disciplinary structure
Code of Conduct for Council and Committee Members
Planning and Resources Committee to review election process and spending
The problem with equine cheek teeth diastemata
Prevalence and some clinical characteristics of equine cheek teeth diastemata in 471 horses examined in a UK first-opinion equine practice (2008 to 2009)
Serological survey to determine the occurrence of respiratory Mycoplasma infections in the Polish cattle population
Dietary and animal-related factors associated with the rate of urinary oxalate and calcium excretion in dogs and cats
Use of low-field MRA to presurgically screen for medial meniscus lesions in 30 dogs with cranial cruciate deficient stifles
Importance of infectious bovine reproductive diseases
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Judith Beckett
British Veterinary Association
C. P. Harris
Control of off-label use of medicines
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Sixty years of graduating as MsRCVS