A year in summary
AHVLA unveils proposals for the future of scanning surveillance
FSA to advise that BSE testing of healthy slaughter cattle can be stopped
Live export inspections tightened at Ramsgate
New head of clinical oncology for Edinburgh cancer centre
Improving the diagnosis of equine colic
Developing better vaccines for fish
Advancing current thinking on a cattle vaccine for bovine TB
Going global
Vet to be suspended from RCVS Register for dishonesty
Developing the veterinary role in food production
Charity celebrates giving out £7 million in 30 years
Grant to study hunting by African carnivores
News in brief
The dilemma of whether to inject the navicular bursa
Steroid diffusion into the navicular bursa occurs in horses affected by palmar foot pain
Effect of temperament and prolonged transportation on endocrine and functional variables in young beef bulls
Efficacy of in-feed medication with chlortetracycline in a farrow-to-finish herd against a clinical outbreak of respiratory disease in fattening pigs
Urinary oxalate and calcium excretion by dogs and cats diagnosed with calcium oxalate urolithiasis
Hydrops foetalis with pulmonary hypoplasia in Cheviot and Cheviot-Texel cross-lambs
Selected highlights from other journals
Understanding how dogs see the world
Weapon dogs
Laying hen mortality by system – a welfare guide?
British Veterinary Association
Death notices
Changes to veterinary surveillance in England and Wales
Schmallenberg virus in 2012/13
Control of SBV
New UK vet school
Babesiosis in a recently imported cat
Biosecurity of dogs travelling into the UK